Depression and Mental Health Speaker Robyn Wheeler

Depression and Mental Health Speaker Robyn WheelerRobyn Wheeler is the author of Born Mad, a true-life story about dealing with a seldom-talked about mood disorder called Dysthymia. She is available for keynotes and workshops throughout the United States. Robyn is known for her blunt honesty and ability to speak about sensitive issues such as her own mental illness.

Profile Robyn Wheeler is a charismatic and knowledgeable speaker known for her sense of humor, giving hope and encouragement to finding solutions to chronic anger and mental illness. Robyn’s power point presentations are informative and insightful which she draws from her own personal experiences with a rare mood disorder. Robyn’s audiences vary from Rotary Clubs and libraries to women’s groups and book clubs.

Born Mad
Up to 400
Men and women between the ages of 30-60
Up to 60 minutes
About Dysthymia: Symptoms, causes and treatments of Dysthymic Disorder
60 to 90 minutes
Conquer Your Anger- examination of good vs. bad anger, how to know when anger is destroying your life and what to do about anger issues; Forgiveness is NOT optional- how and why you should forgive every one for every thing. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.
100 Mile Radius or more
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