Motivational Speakers Worldwide is the first of a series of online directories for business professionals. Our parent company is called Online Directories Worldwide.

Motivational Speakers Worldwide is designed to give professional speakers and up and coming speakers a place to gain more exposure. One of the most important components to make this happen is a highly valuable “do-follow” link to participant’s websites. Most directories only give “no-follow” links which prevents Google from seeing that link as important. Having just a few do-follow links pointing to your main speaker website can do amazing wonders for your own search engine optimization.

So, how do we know so much about search engine optimization (SEO)? The Online Directories Worldwide network is designed exclusively by Marty Dickinson, co-author of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, available in book stores around the world. He manages nearly 100 of his own websites that are all designed to dominate search engine presence.

Search Google sometime for “best arkansas punk rock band” or “best connecticut christian rock band” and you’ll see a search result for a website called MusicMates.com. Marty has earned more than 5400 search phrases displayed on top of Google’s search results related to the music industry and specific locations. And, that’s just one website!

Marty is also a 7-year professional speaker who loves to help authors and speakers spread their message to the world. His Internet marketing services company, HereNextYear, Inc., is an active sponsor of National Speakers Association (NSA) Colorado Chapter and he serves on the board of AuthorU as vice president.

This website started out as a value-added bonus for HereNextYear speaker clients. But, the idea expanded to enable speakers around the world to participate. We just launched the site in June, so look for popularity to build as we attract more speaker through various speaker channels.

We do not:

  • Handle bookings for speakers.
  • Get commission on speaking gigs.
  • Play favorites as to which pages get higher positions of posting on our directory.

We DO:

  • Manually prepare every posting for best readability
  • Optimize every posting for best possible positioning on Google search
  • Promote you as an available speaker on social networks including facebook, Linkedin and Google+

Your next step is to make your annual registration fee of just $50 through PayPal. We will send to you a form to complete and we will use that for creating your listing.