Education Speaker Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Education Speaker Dr. Lynn HellersteinDr. Lynn Hellerstein, vision authority, speaker and author of See. It. See It. Do It! has inspired thousands of children and adults to improve their vision and lives. She is available for keynotes and workshops for educators and parents. Dr. Hellerstein is known as a pioneer in vision therapy and has created “brain-based” visual strategies to help children increase school success, improve sports performance and confidence.


Lynn F. Hellerstein, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO, has inspired thousands of people to improve their vision and enhance their lives through vision therapy. For more than 30 years in optometric practice, she has treated children and adults with learning related vision problems, vision perception deficits or brain injuries. An author and international speaker, Dr. Hellerstein has published extensively on vision related topics. Her award-winning book, See It. Say It. Do It! is a remarkable resource for parents, educators and therapists.

A Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) and AAO, Dr. Hellerstein is Past-President of COVD. She is an adjunct faculty member at five colleges of optometry and serves as a consultant to educational groups, rehabilitation facilities and sports teams.

Dr. Hellerstein’s highly interactive lectures and workshops are loaded with humor and presents information that can be used immediately with you and your children of all ages.

See It. Say It. Do It! & See It. Say It. Do It! ORGANIZE IT!
Parents, educators, therapists
50 minutes
See It. Say It. Do It! - Integrating Your Internal & External Vision: Come explore the creative power of your personal vision in this enlightening session. You’ll learn simple yet powerful breathing, relaxation and visualization activities, which tap internal pictures and feelings that influence your outer perceptions and performance. You’ll experience how to use the See It. Say It. Do It! process work, at play, and at school. Have fun while easily dissolving internal blocks and allowing greater success, fulfillment and peace of mind. See it to believe it!
60 minutes to 1 day.
1. See It. Say It. Do It! - 20/20 is Not Perfect Vision; 2. Integrating your Internal and External Vision; 3. Visual Processing & Academics: Strategies for Improving Reading, Spelling & Creative Writing Skills; See Website for full explanation and even more topic options.
Vision & Learning, See It. Say It. Do It! Creating Successful Students & Confident Kids
45 minutes
National & International
Website Link

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