Etiquette and Civility Speaker Jay Remer

Etiquette and Civility Speaker Jay RemerJay Remer grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and now resides in St. Andrews, NB, Canda. He travels the world speaking about the significance of good manners and respect in social and business situations. His focus on compassion and awareness of common sense behaviour makes his presentations very personal and understandable.

Profile Jay Remer is the real deal. Having grown up in a world of power and privilege, he imparts personal anecdotes and experience to all of his presentations. He has a diverse cottery of interests from the arts to cooking to animal welfare to the hospitality industry, where he owned and operated a four-diamond historic inn for eight years. His easy-going nature and witty sense of humor makes any time spent with Jay an enjoyable experience with lasting memories.

St. Andrews, New Brunswick
25-50 audience members
Manners in the 21st Century
3-4 hours
Dining Etiquette; Business Etiquette
No limits
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