Overcoming Overwhelm for “TOO-TOO” People (Part 1)

Guest Blog Post by Nanci McGraw 2/11/12

Overcoming Overwhelm for “TOO-TOO” PeopleWe know what “overwhelm” feels like. It’s over the top.

It’s too much, too many, too often, too distracting, too heavy, too frustrating, too fast, too slow, too…..(you know). It’s tough to try to make all the needed positive changes that need to happen in our life and work —AT THE SAME TIME. It’s “too-too” much.

So, that’s why my good coaching and organizing clients love implementing my Nanci “doables.” “Little” things can be HUGE, because they have the potential to make such a difference. If you know you are a “TOO-TOO” person, then read this entire entry, then re-read and select one of the “doables” to own and DO, until it becomes second-nature. It may take weeks, but it’ll be worth it. Then you can return to select and tackle another doable. But uh-uh, don’t fudge. I’ve found that “TOO-TOO” folks cannot handle even TWO contemporaneously, so please do yourself a favor and select only ONE:


1. Know Thyself. Know your energy “prime” times and sagging “down” times. Do creative and cerebral tasks during your prime energy times. Force yourself to save easy, no-brainer tasks for energy- waning times. (Scheduling projects, tasks, communications to maximize both times makes an amazing difference in productivity to accomplish a lot in daily life.)

2. Look for reasons every day to smile, chuckle, and LOL= laugh out loud. Do something for the “kid” inside. (That’s why I constantly add to my collection of favorite cartoons, and why I create and email clients my eGIGGLEz TM, plus I get cranky if I can’t find a reason to play with/use my stickers and markers almost every day.)
3. Create your personal “soundtrack” for your life or commute to include more classical music. (I use music for any mood I want to be in: Mozart and Dvorak for creativity; Beethoven for writing promotional projects; Bach for steady, keep-at-it, just-get-it-done work such as data entry or invoicing; Wagner for facing difficult tasks or situations;
4. Have backups: extra car key in wallet, extra house key in a “secret” place, extra stamps…toilet paper… and in the freezer store quick, flexible makings for a delicious supper & dessert in case of sudden guests).
5. Allow extra time to get places. Arrive breathing easy. If you’re early, look around and enjoy the view, people-watch, or enjoy a moment to ponder. Read the book you brought. (My career military dad taught me to know that happy professionalism is to be “early for early arrival”.)
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“Ah, have you already ‘heard’ of these ideas? “Never be impressed with yourself if you KNOW something, only be impressed with yourself if you DO it.” –DOerCoach Nanci McGraw


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