Overcoming Overwhelm for “TOO-TOO” People (Part 2)

Guest Blog Post by Nanci McGraw 2/18/12

Overcoming Overwhelm for “TOO-TOO” PeopleWe know what “overwhelm” feels like. It’s over the top.

It’s too much, too many, too often, too distracting, too heavy, too frustrating, too fast, too slow, too…..(you know). It’s tough to try to make all the needed positive changes that need to happen in our life and work —AT THE SAME TIME. It’s “too-too” much.

So, that’s why my good coaching and organizing clients love implementing my Nanci “doables.” “Little” things can be HUGE, because they have the potential to make such a difference. If you know you are a “TOO-TOO” person, then read this entire entry, then re-read and select one of the “doables” to own and DO, until it becomes second-nature. It may take weeks, but it’ll be worth it. Then you can return to select and tackle another doable. But uh-uh, don’t fudge. I’ve found that “TOO-TOO” folks cannot handle even TWO contemporaneously, so please do yourself a favor and select only ONE:


1. Say “…thank you, no, not at this time” to optional projects that won’t fit into your time schedule, or that will compromise your mental health. (Say no in the most gracious, grateful getaway manner possible.)


2. Promise ONLY what you can and will actually DO. Then DO it. DO it quickly. You can do this because you will stop flippantly saying you’ll DO something without thinking it through. ( I’ve leanred that following-up quickly will make people smile, …. or actually shock them, and heh heh, that’s fun!)


3. Identify any “toxic” people in your life. These are the takers, the whiners, time-wasters, negative thinkers, and dream-busters. If possible, eliminate contact with them. At the very least, LIMIT the time they take up or negative influence they have on you. (This takes courage and maturity. ha!)


4. Delegate tasks to capable others who could or should enlarge their skill-sets. It’s often a win-win. This could be an actual self-esteem booster and benefit to others. At the very least it might mean hiring help or letting go of total control in order to limit your own misguided penchant for perfectionism. (Often DONE is superior to NOT even BEGUN. )


5. Be kind to unkind people or folks just learning their job. They probably need kindness the most and if you’re a meany, you’ll regret it later. Expand your definition of ‘learning their job’ to include still learning their job. Also remind yourself that you are not the General Manager of the universe. (I like to think of it as another kind of ‘delegation’…letting other people be in charge of something because I wouldn’t want that job anyway.)
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“Ah, have you already ‘heard’ of these ideas? “Never be impressed with yourself if you KNOW something, only be impressed with yourself if you DO it.” –DOerCoachNanci McGraw



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