Retirement Speaker Kris Miller

Retirement Speaker Kris MillerKris Miller, is the author of “Ready For PREtirement”, Plan Retirement Early, so your money is there when you need it, and a Retirement and Estate Planning speaker/expert from California.  She is  available for keynotes and 3-hour intensive training workshops throughout the U.S. Kris is known for teaching the details that most Financial Planning speakers leave out when presenting ways to Plan their financial future.  You will hear her as a regular guest on CBS News/Talk Radio KFWB, in Los Angeles and she will share secrets that have been withheld for centuries.


Are you Ready For PREtirement?

Plan Retirement Early so your money is there when you need it...


The vast majority of people have no idea how to prepare for their retirement. This goes for the person just starting out in their career as well as the person who is approaching the golden years.


Our recent hard economic times have made people painfully aware of how ill prepared they really are.

This is an especially important time for your association, corporation or group to step in and provide a session at your next convention that will help your members understand the ins and outs of planning for their future.

In the world of finance, mis-information or no information can mean living less than "golden" years!  Kris Miller is The Holistic Estate Planning Life Coach.  She has developed a seminar program for use around the country for associations such as yours, corporations and community groups.  She blends her financial wisdom and music in an entertaining and money-saving presentation. Your attendees will benefit immediately by her outstanding, motivating, life-changing, and client-tested techniques.

In studying the legal preparation and planning for retirement, Kris found that people were being charged huge fees by the legal system for minimal work. So Kris became certified to advise and complete all the necessary forms and legal document and did so at reasonable fees. This information has been incorporated into a seminar program that shares the simple ways a person of any age can prepare for their retirement and arrangements of wills and estates. Her inspiring performance and informative seminar is a novel approach to what is usually considered complicated, morbid information.

Kris's definition of "Holistic Estate Planning Life Coach" is one who not only helps someone get from here to their goal, but also helps them permanently break through all the obstacles that previously held them back from achieving those goals.

Ready for PREtirement is a comprehensive guide book that covers everything you need to know about retirement planning. Author Kris Miller breaks down the big, scary money words into terms anyone can understand and provides the tools you need so you can get started immediately. Many people think retirement planning is just for seniors. But Miller taps into her vast estate planning experience to tell you why you should start planning NOW-even in your 20s, 30s, or 40s. Don't wait until it's too late. Follow Miller's advice and PREpare for PREtirement."- Danette Kubanda,  Emmy winning television producer, writer and publicist

Because people today are working and living longer into retirement, they need to start early to build a secure financial foundation. Kris is an independent financial advisor, so she maintains the freedom to put her clients' needs first, without any conflict of interest. That way, Kris can be completely impartial and has no specific companies or plans to push - only good information that anyone can put to use immediately. Her objective in her program is to show people how to preserve principal, maximize returns and minimize taxes. She is continually researching new products and services to fill her seminars with the newest information.  Kris owns and operates Trusts Unlimited, a document preparation service, specializing in living trusts.

To find out more about Kris's exciting programs and how she can bring a really useful message to your next conference, check out her website link below.

Ready For PREtirment
Age 30 and up
1 hour
Ready For PREtirement : Plan Retirement Early, so your money is there when you need it
Living Trust Workshop ½ hour and Ready For PREtirement 1 hour
ection of Assets from Long Term Care, catastrophic illness, probate and the great recession
Same as for Workshops
National and International
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