The “Bob Time” Discipline

Guest Blog Post by Bob Urichuck, 1/10/12

The “Bob Time” DisciplineDiscipline is a commitment to the most important person in the world – YOU. The commitment is to do what you have to do, even when you don’t want to do it. The “Bob Time” discipline is dedicating at least one hour of your most productive time to the most important person in the world.

What is your most productive time of your day? Is it early morning, day or night?

In my case, it is the morning. When I realized this years ago, I changed my wake up habits. In the past I would get up at 7am and have a coffee. Now I wake up at 6am and I dedicate the first hour of my day to myself. I labelled that most powerful hour “Bob Time”.

During Bob time, I accomplish things that will help Bob get where Bob wants to go. You might say there is plenty of Bobbing going on. The focus is solely on me. Firstly I give to myself so that I may give to others.

When Bob time is over, I reward myself with a cup of coffee. This is one example of how to make discipline part of your life. Any behaviour that gets recognized and/or rewarded gets repeated. If you do what you say you are going to do, then reward yourself for doing it and this accomplishment will get repeated.

That coffee certainly tastes great at 7am, especially now that it is my reward for completing what I was committed to do. But it doesn’t end there. While drinking that cup of coffee, I give gratitude for being able to have a cup of coffee when there are millions of people around the world who cannot get a clean cup of water to drink.

After my cup of coffee, I exercise between 7 and 8 am as I believe in physical fitness. What do you think my reward is at 8am? If you happened to say breakfast, you are right. Another opportunity to show my gratitude when there are kids in our own neighbourhoods going to school hungry each day.

Then, between 8 and 9 am I shower and get ready for a seminar. How do you think I feel now when I stand on stage? How effective a trainer or speaker will I be?

If I don’t put myself first, I won’t be able to present effectively to the seminar participants. Unless I maintain personal discipline in my daily routine, I won’t feel productive nor will I be able to persuade others to introduce discipline into their own lives.

What if you were to dedicate one hour of your most productive time daily to the most important person in the world, how would your life improve? How much more would you enjoy life? How much more would you appreciate the little things that you have taken for granted such as, coffee and breakfast?

Bob Urichuck is a Canada based International Professional Speaker using Singapore and Dubai as his hubs for Asia and the Middle East. Bob is the Author of two best-selling books: “Disciplined for Life, You Are the Author of Your Future” and “Up Your Bottom Line, with the Velocity Selling System”.


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