Change Speaker Judith Parker Harris

Change Speaker Judith Parker HarrisJudith Parker Harris is a change agent, helping people target blocks and bust through them in record time. She is the author of Conquer Crisis With Health-Esteem, Move From Blocked To Blockbuster, and Master Challenges In Your Life. From Beverly Hills, CA, she is available for keynotes, workshops and consulting throughout the U.S. Judith uses her movie and commercial production know-how to help audiences find their villains, become heroic and produce the results of their dreams.


Judith Parker Harris inspires change through creative problem solving as she weaves the “magic of the movies” into her funny, poignant and thought-provoking keynotes and workshops.After producing 3,000 TV commercials and while running a multi-million dollar advertising agency, Judith found herself numb from the waist down, partially blind and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.In 1985, with neither medications nor hope offered, Judith went after her own answers. She busted her way through the thought and emotion blocks that were threatening to kill life as she knew it.

Symptom-free for 23 years, women’s business groups. health organizations, and associations appreciate how she moves them from BLOCKED TO BLOCKBUSTER. They love her five-step process to get unstuck from anything, anytime, anywhere and delight in freeing themselves of her 7 Villains. Calling our country The United States of Anger, she says people are like walking time bombs of anxiety, and she stands ready to defuse them.

Beverly Hills
Conquer Crisis With Health-Esteem and Move From Blocked to Blockbuster
Women in Business, Healthcare, Associatins, Foundations, Entertainment, Education
Versions from 45 minutes to 2-hours
MOVE FROM BLOCKED TO BLOCKBUSTER – Turn Blocks Into Stepping Stones of Success: Bring your projects, challenges, trickiest problems and you will find creative solutions that will astonish you and get you buzzing with enthusiasm and productivity. You’ll start with an intention, find its block, script your strategy and leave with a plan you can’t wait to implement. No more habits, patterns and routines to hold you back
Your choice: Any length from 2-hours to 2 days based on the outcomes desired

1) Confront and Conquer Life’s 7 Villains -- Judith Parker Harris uses movie analogies and her personal experience of becoming and remaining symptom free from Multiple Sclerosis since 1990 to illustrate how to use turning points in life as powerful change agents.

2) What Lies Beneath the Thoughts You Speak – Communicate Like a Pro; GET UNSTUCK:
Target And Change What Is Holding You Back (Based upon methods from Judith's popular book CONQUER CRISIS WITH HEALTH-ESTEEM); Move from Pain to Power and Think like a Champion; Liberate the Truth in Your Heart to Balance the Roles in Your Life; Discover ways to Handle Anxiety and Fear in Stressful Situations; Learn Immediate Problem Solving Techniques

3) 18 Ways to Beat What Blocks you in Work and Life This is the one for any creative team that has ever been blocked. You will learn 18 sure-fire methods and techniques to Bust your way through whatever is Blocking you.

8 BLOCK BUSTERS FOR MASTERING ______________(you fill in the blank) Get your life off of hold and into action, take charge of the one part of healing you can control – your thoughts and emotions, stop self-sabotaging behavior and start living the life you deserve. Learn 8 processes that will rock your world.
One hour
CA and Western US preferred, will make exceptions for big cities with easy travel schedules.
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