Unstoppable Gratitude — World-Class Buddy Thanking! (Part 1)

Guest Blog Post by Brian Biro 1/29/12

Unstoppable Gratitude -- World-Class Buddy Thanking!A great strategy for building an unbeatable team is to become a “world-class buddy thanker.” When you live with an attitude of gratitude, it becomes natural to catch others doing things right. But let me ask you an eye-opening question. Who are the people in our lives we tend to forget to thank the most?

I’ve asked this question in every seminar I’ve ever taught, and have always heard similar responses. The people we most often forget to thank are those to whom we are the closest—our spouse, children, parents, or the people we work beside everyday. When triggered by the question we see how easily we can fall into the habit of taking the people we love most for granted. We can rationalize that we don’t need to tell the prized people in our lives know how we feel about them because they should already know, but the end result of neglect is decay and diminution. The more we fall into the habit of taking others for granted and withholding our appreciation, the more disconnected we become from the countless blessings in our lives.

The example you set as a world-class buddy thanker will stimulate great support within your team. In all the studies undertaken to examine the effects of recognition and acknowledgment, not one has found a business, team, or family that had too much! Make it a regular habit to ask yourself, “What am I truly grateful for right now?” Instantly, you’ll remember an important truth that will both humble and inspire you. As Olympic champion Wilma Rudolph expressed so perfectly, “No matter what great things you accomplish, somebody always helps you.”

But how do you breakthrough to become a World-Class-Buddy-Thanker? Don’t miss my next blog to learn the secret…

Brian Biro is America’s Breakthrough Coach! He is one of the nation’s foremost speakers and teachers of Leadership, Possibility Thinking, Thriving on Change, and Team-Building. He has delivered over 1,200 presentations around the world over the last 20 years.


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