Our First Goal is 50 Speaker Participants

Hi there. My name is Marty Dickinson, the guy who started this website a couple of months ago. We’re just starting to ramp up our promotion as we continue building out this website piece by piece in anticipation for our big marketing push in September. A few design modifications will be coming too, but our intention with this site is not about fancy looks. It’s about search engine presence and speed of delivering valuable content.

I remember when I was just getting my first website going in 1996. It’s called MusicMates.com and is still around today and has about 5,000 participants. Back then, I used to write all the profiles by-hand for my musician participants. At least a few times a week people would send emails to me saying how thankful they were that I was providing just the right amount of information about the participants as they needed before making contact with that participant. Well, I’m simply doing the same thing with this website.

The other thing I remember back in the olden days of the web, was how important it was to establish goals. The first goal with this website is to get 50 speaker participants into the system as fast as humanly possible. That’s why we have this special going where there is a one-time….LIFETIME….charge of just $50 to be part of this system. That’s it. No more payments for you IF you are one of the first 50 to sign-up.

The next goal we will have will be either 500 or 1,000. I haven’t fully decided yet. But, that price will probably still be $50, but the difference is that it will be more of an annual renewal type of membership.

Clearly, the best deal available with MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com is to get signed-up right now. Don’t wait. Just get it done so we can get our speaker profile worksheet sent to you, which we will use to build your profile.

You don’t need to be a technical person to be part of this system. You don’t need to know anything about SEO or web design. You just need to be able to complete a form on your own computer, save it, and email it back to us as an attachment. We’ll take it from there!

Sign-up now for just $50 before we reach our first goal.


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