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How to Make a Blog Post Step by Step

How to make a blog postHere is a blog post about how to make a blog post written by MSW founder Marty Dickinson. Great step by step details on how to make that blog post the most useful to you and your potential customers. He writes about blogging within your WordPress website, but the tips are great even if your site isn’t WordPress. Worth taking a few minutes to read through it!

Why Herman Cain Claims He’s Not a Motivational Speaker

Herman Cain claims he's no motivational speaker but does motivate his audience.Interesting post on that former presidential candidate Herman Cain was quoted as saying he’s not a “motivational speaker.” He wants to be thought of as an inspirational speaker instead. He describes that motivation comes from within and inspiration comes from someplace else.

Here’s another example of the misuse of the phrase motivational speaker. Maybe the term needs to be rephrased or recoined or something that’s just plain new like action-igniter speaker or get-off-your-butt-and-do-it speaker or if-you-don’t-report-to-me-tomorrow-that-you’ve-done-it-i’ll-come-find-you speaker.

The greatest thing we can hope to do in our speaking careers is to motivate just one person or millions to make a change; to do something different to improve on their lives.

Motivational Speaker J.R. Martinez Set to Serve

Motivational Speaker J.R. MartinezHe might not be in a formal U.S. soldier uniform anymore, but motivational speaker J.R. Martinez is definitely set to serve with words instead of dance moves now that Dancing with the Stars is over.


I loved to see the coverage of J.R. presenting at Fort Campbell and wasn’t surprised to hear the audience was sent into a frenzy of appreciation.

I also wan’t surprised that he’s working on a book. I’m always suggesting to our speaker participants at Motivational Speakers Worldwide that, if your presentation is good enough, you’ll eventually be asked to write a book. And, if your book is good enough, you’ll eventually be called upon to speak.

Motivational Speakers Enjoy Thanksgiving with Family and Friends

The staff of would like to take this Thanksgiving opportunity to say a very huge THANK YOU to all the motivational speakers we’ve been working with over the past few months. We truly hope you get some time off your busy speaking schedules to visit with family and friends.

We know you work very hard to craft and customize your messages for your audiences and we see it every day in the profiles we receive from our speaker participants. Thank you for your efforts and the passion you have for your topics.

FAQ About MSW was launched to the public mid-August. Congratulations to those speakers who have put a little belief and trust into something new. Google is really starting to give us (meaning our SPEAKERS) favorable positions in their search index.

Since we seem to get the same questions (Keep them coming by the way!) from nearly everyone we talk to about the prorgram here are some answers:

Ahead of Goal for Month 1

We’ve had a GREAT time over the first couple of weeks launching and we’re already ahead of our goal to be half-way to 50 postings with still a few days to go to end of month.

Congrats to all the speakers for putting a little belief and trust into something new, even though you’ve never met us. We’re averaging one to three sign-ups a day now and Google is really starting to give us (meaning YOU) favorable positions in their search index.

Our SEO is Workin’

Just checked Google by searching “Leadership Speaker Dr. Kimberly Alyn” and we’re now #10. That’s up 22 from when I searched for the same thing just yesterday. Now, you might be asking who is going to search for that exact phrase “Leadership Speaker Dr. Kimberly Alyn”?

Well, that doesn’t really matter. The point is that Google is seeing this site as growing in importance. It’s sending its spiders to visit us every day…even a couple of times per day to see what new and exciting posts we’ve added. Our own internal efforts to expand our presence on other sites in our network and general business directories is starting to gain relevance. And, that should be exciting news for any of our speaker participants.

Lau Lapides Joins Motivational Speakers Worldwide Directory

Lau Lapides speaker and trainerCongrats to pro speaker and trainer Lau Lapides for joining our Motivational Speakers Worldwide directory. We will be adding her official profile shortly. But, for now, checkout her website at

Our First Goal is 50 Speaker Participants

Hi there. My name is Marty Dickinson, the guy who started this website a couple of months ago. We’re just starting to ramp up our promotion as we continue building out this website piece by piece in anticipation for our big marketing push in September. A few design modifications will be coming too, but our intention with this site is not about fancy looks. It’s about search engine presence and speed of delivering valuable content.

Now Accepting Open Enrollment

Our new website is moving right along and we are now accepting open enrollment for one low LIFETIME price of just $50!

Our goal is a lofty one; to become the largest web-based directory of speakers available in the world!

You don’t have to be part of any club or association to join. You don’t need to have a certain number of speeches under your belt or attain a certain number of paid speeches per year to be included in this list. You don’t need to know someone in high places or be referred by someone who is already established in the pro speaking business. And, you certainly don’t have to pay what some are charging up to $1,000 per year to be part of!