Ahead of Goal for Month 1

We’ve had a GREAT time over the first couple of weeks launching MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com and we’re already ahead of our goal to be half-way to 50 postings with still a few days to go to end of month.

Congrats to all the speakers for putting a little belief and trust into something new, even though you’ve never met us. We’re averaging one to three sign-ups a day now and Google is really starting to give us (meaning YOU) favorable positions in their search index.

For example, just last week (I think it was Thursday), we posted Chuck Bauer’s profile. If you look around the web a bit, you’ll see that Chuck has been doing this for a while. He has a very strong presence on the web. Still, he knows how important it is to continually promote himself as an experienced speaker. If you searched for “sales skills speaker” on Google as early as Friday night, you would have seen his posting on our site in the 3rd spot.

Screen Shot of SERP Positions


Interesting that the more established the speaker, the faster they are to sign-up it seems. There are a lot of skeptics out there trying to figure out if what we’re doing with this site is going to be of any benefit…and rightly so.

We keep getting what I call “barrier” questions; things you would ask about a new website that doesn’t stand a chance of yielding the preferred answer. Like, “What is your Page Rank?” or “How many bookings can I expect from this posting this year?” or “How many gigs have your participants seen from your website since you launched?”

See how it’s easy to miss the point about this website?

I’ll (Marty Dickinson) be speaking in November to the Carolina chapter of NSA (National Speakers Association) where one of the topics I’ll be covering is the “how’s and why’s” of building links to your speaker website. Point being that you need to continually find related websites to your industry and get your website URL listed on them over time. You don’t want to attempt to get 300 links in a day, but just gradual additions over time. This website is to provide you with just one very strong website to add a link to your speaking business. That’s it. It’s not about Page Rank. It’s not about gigs; although both of those will follow as our website evolves.

Those who get signed-up early will pay the least and benefit the most.

Speakers like Chuck, Lau, Mike, Dr Alyn and the others didn’t think it to death. They looked at the site and just signed-up knowing this site is just an “addition” to their current promotional plan and will grow into something big. Building your speaker visibility online never stops. “You” require continuous promotion.

If you are a speaker, this is one of many websites where you should
Add Your Speaker Profile to have a profile listing. We’re half-way to our goal of 50 participants and then the price goes up. Join us now while the LIFETIME price is just $50. And, of course, send an email to me with any questions using our Contact Us form.


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