Business Growth Speaker Jeannine Clontz

Business Growth Speaker Jeannine ClontzJeannine Clontz, co-author of Entrepreneurial Freedom, and a business and Internet Marketing speaker from St. Louis, Missouri, is available for keynotes, workshops and trainings throughout North America and Europe. Jeannine is known not only as the ‘Business Ethics Queen’, but for providing easy to understand and implement instruction, information and resources providing incredible take aways from all her presentations. Her broad and focused business knowledge allows her to customize presentations to meet specific client goals and provide action steps attendees can immediately apply to their own needs.

Profile Jeannine Clontz is a sought-after speaker and trainer by small business, virtual assistant, and coaching associations, as well as, events that cater to small and home-based business professionals. She partners with technology companies that provide tools to increase productivity and workflow for the small or home-based entrepreneur looking to increase exposure and leads on and off the internet. Jeannine delivers marketing, social media and basic business growth strategies in a fun and enthusiastic way, and even adds humor to the topic of business ethics. Every presentation is based upon more than 10-years of business experience and education into what it takes to establish and grow a profitable and sustainable business. Jeannine’s audiences are totally engaged in her presentations and workshops throughout the sessions and are consistently impressed with the quality of information, resources and take aways they can immediately incorporate into their businesses and professional lives.

St. Louis
Entrepreneurial Freedom: How to Start and Grow A Profitable Virtual Assistance Practice!
Entreprenurs, Small Business, Medium Sized Corporations
60 minutes
Building a Dream Business Using Professional Virtual Partners: Becoming the Master of Delegation: Building a team of professionals to support your business – history of virtual workers; areas of support; coordination with current staff; finding the right fit; benefits to your business; and resources.
60-90 minutes
Drip Marketing Campaigns: What they are and how to incorporate them into your marketing plan; Social Media Marketing: Explanation of different platforms and how they fit into your overall marketing and customer service plans, resources to new technologies, and information about recent surveys about how people use and spend time in social media; The New Time Management: It’s not just about managing your day and your appointments/tasks, but how you look at using your time, multi-tasking, managing email, etc.; and Do You Have an Itch to Niche?: In depth look at how to establish a niche, determine your target market, and how to market to them
Same as Workshop Topics – they can all be delivered by Webinar, too.
60-90 minutes
North America, Europe, Hawaii, Australia
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