Green/Environmental Marketing Speaker Shel Horowitz

Green/Environmental Marketing Speaker Shel HorowitzGreen/environmental marketing expert Shel Horowitz, multiple-award-winning author of 8 books including Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, shows how ethics and green principles are keys to business success. Shel’s lively programs help businesses from top corporations to solopreneurs go green effectively and affordably, and then market that green commitment. Based in Hadley, Massachusetts, Shel travels to US speeches from Hartford, and to international events from New York or Boston.


Involved in both the environmental and marketing worlds since the 1970s, Shel synthesizes those worlds and unites business with the environment. Shel shows businesses how to go green affordably and effectively—and how to market that green commitment to win new customers, turn those customers into fans, and turn those fans into ambassadors for you.

Shel is not only a powerful speaker praised for his authentic message, put-it-into-action content, and personable approach, but also a multiple-award-winning author of eight books…internationally syndicated columnist…Internet pioneer who's been marketing on social media since 1995 and blogging since 2004…inductee into the National Environmental Hall of Fame…and a well-respected marketing consultant and copywriter with clients on four continents.

Shel offers a wide range of programs, will custom-design a presentation for you, and is flexible about program length/ audience size. For a speaker of his stature, his rates are surprisingly affordable.

Keynote Described:

Green is Gold: How to be Market More Profitably by Being More Green

Suddenly, Green is chic. Everybody’s buzzing about climate change, carbon footprints, alternative energy, and more.

And if you have a business that takes Green positions–particularly if this is a long-lasting part of your operation that predates the current fad, but even if you’re new to it–you can convert that buzz into very profitable dollars

  • Why Green business is more profitable than traditional business
  • How to identify and market your Greenest elements
  • How Green businesses are better poised to build lucrative alliances with other businesses and nonprofits
  • What the continuing Green trend means to business over the long term

Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (latest of eight books)
Business owners, entrepreneurs, environmental organizations, non profits, government, green consumers, book authors and publishers
Unrepentant polluters, weapons contractors, bigots
30-90 minutes
Green is Gold: How to Market More Profitably by Going Green (see description above)
45 minutes to 3 hours
Please Visit Shel's Website For Full Description of Options.
Please Visit Shel's Website For Full Description of Options.
30-90 minutes
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