Customer Service Speaker Mike Wittenstein

Customer Service Speaker Mike WittensteinAfter launching IBM’s first customer experience design practice, Mike Wittenstein started his own experience design studio.   Now, he travels the globe helping leaders of established and mid-market service brands and their front-line teams to create game-changing experiences. As a keynote speaker, Mike engages his audiences immediately and maintains their attention. He thoroughly researches each business and industry often including undercover shops and shifts as an employee so that he can share ideas that will delight customers and engage employees at the same time.


About Mike

Mike Wittenstein has helped thousands of people at hundreds of venues to understand and apply the principles of customer experience in his keynotes and workshops. He connects immediately with vivid stories from the perspectives of the customer, the employee, and the shareholder that show how improving the customer experience is the best way to differentiate a service brand. Mike is a catalyst for aligning management, marketing, people, and technology to deliver signature experiences. Each of his presentations is customized and often includes undercover shopping or shifts as an undercover employee to bring authenticity and practicality to his work.

Mike captivates audiences with what’s both possible and practical by drawing on vast hands-on experience with established and mid-market brands as e-Visionary at IBM—where he launched the company’s first customer experience design practice—and at his own experience design studio, Storyminers. Characterized by clients, as friendly, smart, witty, and approach, Mike travels the globe helping leaders and their front-line teams to create game-changing experiences.


Languages:English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian

Established and mid-market brand leaders
30-60 minutes
The Apple-ization of Retail
1-3 hours, depending on depth of material and tools covered
Making the Best Experiences in the World Work Even Better This workshop teaches the value of creating and maintaining a signature customer experience and the importance of alignment. Reviews of top brands (Apple, Build-a-Bear Workshop, Hard Rock Café, Chick-fil-A, or other industry appropriate examples) are shared then, switching to hands-on mode, attendees plan and share an improved design from the perspective of CEO-for-a-day.
The Best Experience in the World and What Makes Them Work This webinar can be presented with or without video. This highly visual presentation teaches the principles of experience design by comparing and contrasting the world’s best experiences (Disney, Apple, and others) and showing some of the designs and tools that make these experience work so well in front of customers, for employees, and for shareholders at the same.
30-45 minutes + Q&A
100 Mile Radius or more
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