MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com was launched to the public mid-August. Congratulations to those speakers who have put a little belief and trust into something new. Google is really starting to give us (meaning our SPEAKERS) favorable positions in their search index.

Since we seem to get the same questions (Keep them coming by the way!) from nearly everyone we talk to about the prorgram here are some answers:

Q: WHAT IS MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com?
A: We are a new directory for professional speakers at all levels. We are NOT a speakers bureau and so we don’t handle bookings for speakers, or take any commissions for your speaking gigs. The directory is designed to give professional speakers and up and coming speakers a place to gain more exposure. One of the most important components to make this happen is a highly valuable “do-follow” link to participant’s websites.

Q: Why is a “DO-FOLLOW” Link So Valuable?
A: Google LOVES “do-follow” links. Having just a few “do-follow” links pointing to your main speaker website can do amazing wonders for your own site’s search engine optimization. While most directories will link to your web site, the link contains a “no-follow” tag, which gives YOUR website little or no benefit in search engine results positions (SERPs, as the term is known in the industry). By adding the extra juice a “do-follow” link provides, when Google sends it’s spiders to visit our directory and YOUR website, it sees both sites as growing in importance, and rewards us all with higher SERPS.

Q: Is that All I get is a Do-Follow Link?
A: A Do-Follow link to make Google happy is only one small reason to get a listing here. The most important reason is our ongoing promotion of each posting. Following @MartyDickinson on Twitter, MartyDickinson.com/facebook. Marty and team are constantly extending their reach of promotions for this website to other strategic networks as well.

Q: How Many Gigs Can I Expect from a Posting in MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com?
A: Now that you know a little more about “do-follow” links, I’m sure that you can appreciate that we may NEVER know how many gigs a person will get from posting on MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com. We don’t take phone calls or email inquiries on our speaker’s behalf. And meeting planners or other folks looking for a speaker may never even visit MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com directly, because they find YOUR site through its higher positioning as a result of OUR effort.

It has been proven that building relevant links to your website over time is the absolute best way to increase your search engine positioning. Building your speaker visibility online never stops. “You” require continuous promotion. MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com is designed to be just one very strong website to add a link to your speaking business.

Q: How Do We Know So Much About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com was designed exclusively by Marty Dickinson, co-author of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, available in bookstores around the world and now in its 5th printing. He started his first website in 1996 and manages nearly 100 of his own websites that are all designed to dominate search engine presence. Because Marty is an author and a 7-year professional speaker, he has a genuine interest in helping other authors and speakers spread their message to the world.

Marty’s Internet marketing services company, HereNextYear.com, is an active sponsor of National Speakers Association, Colorado Chapter and he serves as NSA Colorado’s webmaster. Marty is also on the board of AuthorU, currently serving as vice president.

MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com started out as a value-added bonus for Marty’s speaker clients, and the idea expanded just this past month to enable speakers around the world to participate.

Q: How Do I Become Part of MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide.com?
A: That’s the easy part! For now, the LIFETIME price is just $79, so join us now before the price goes up.

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