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Empowerment Speaker Robyn BenincasaRobyn Benincasa, one of “California’s Fittest Women”, accepts full responsibility for inspiring people to do insane things like climb Mount Kilimanjaro, run their first triathlon, start their own adventure racing teams, or start their own business. She lives in San Diego, California, and is available for keynotes throughout the U.S. Robyn emphasizes teamwork, leadership, and motivation, and reminds audiences, “the brightest stars don’t create the greatest teams; the greatest teammates create the greatest teams.”


World Class Teams, Flashover Seminars, and Project Athena Foundation, and the closest most people have seen to a superhero. Above all, Robyn Benincasa inspires people to do amazing things. After earning her Marketing degree, Robyn started at a top Fortune 500 company and earned “Rookie of the Year” award. While continuing to excel at her daily job, Robyn completed six Ironman races and earned two podium finishes.

Once she experienced adventure racing, she quickly became a professional and has competed in close to 40 expedition-length events, but she still finds the time to work as a full-time firefighter in San Diego on the nation’s first all-female crew. In addition, she founded both World Class Teams and Flashover Seminars in order to bring her uniquely inspirational perspective on teamwork to the corporate world.

Of course, that’s not all. Robyn also founded the Project Athena Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping women who have experienced medical setbacks achieve their athletic dreams, encouraging survivors not just to survive but to thrive.

With all of this experience in leadership, teamwork, and motivation, Robyn’s keynotes are legendary. Starbucks, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Aramark, Honda/Acura, Tony Robbins, Allianz, Wal-Mart, Timberland, Napster, AT&T and Earthlink rely on Robyn’s "Extreme Performance: Why Winners Win", "High Performance Leadership" and her signature program “The 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy”. Her unforgettable presentations have taught countless high-performance leaders all over the world about “Building World Class Teams” and the ‘followership’ skills necessary for dynamic role shifting and true teamwork.

San Diego
Pharmaceutical, Financial, Sales, Customer Service, Medical, Consumer, Retail, Professional Services, Hospitality, Engineering…It’s a pretty universal message about teambuilding and a winning attitude so it works for most business types!
She loves ‘em all
45-60+ min
“Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results: The 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy”; “Lead Like Gumby: Flexible Leadership that Gets Results”; “Extreme Performance: Why Winners Win”: Robyn imparts the attitude and mindset that allows groups of ordinary people to accomplish truly extraordinary things together. Attendees will not only walk away completely thrilled with this unique visually and viscerally entertaining look into the world’s most amazing extreme teams, they will also leave with some simple and easily applied skills that will allow them to create Human Synergy with all of the teammates in their lives.”; “An in depth and powerful look into six distinct leadership styles that, when utilized interchangeably and judiciously, are proven to have a positive effect on the corporate climate – the simplest way to increase the bottom-line.”; “Robyn uses the model of Adventure Racing to highlight the mindset and common attributes of world-class athletes, teams and leaders in their quest for victory – and provides some real world guidelines and principles for reaching the top of the podium in any endeavor.
Throughout the United States
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