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Team Building Speakers The Corps GroupThe Corps Group is an elite company comprised of military officers, fighter pilots with extensive business experience. Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they are available for keynotes, half days and full days throughout the United States. The Corps Group recognizes that these are challenging times; markets change, customer needs evolve and if organizations do not adapt quickly their company is at risk, and they structure their presentations with that in mind.

Profile Hand picked to fly fighter jets for the military, The Corps Group underwent many years of training that qualified them to be responsible for millions of dollars worth of equipment and the lives of their colleagues. After years of extensive training as United States aviators, The Corps Group learned that flying fighter jets also equipped them to be successful in the business world. They found that the processes transitioned from the flight deck to the front office. Their personal experiences in the air and in the executive suite have made them highly sought after speakers, leadership trainers and business consultants. They have used their process in many companies and business units with great success, helping them optimize the right internal business processes and becoming critical partners with their customers.

Over 10
60-75 min
“High Performing Organizations: A Strike Plan for a Winning Culture”; “Establishing Excellence: The Corps Execution Model”; “Strategic Execution: Accelerating Value Generation”; “Leadership: Lessons on Breaking Barriers from the Flight Deck”; “Leveraging Diversity: Creating One Team with One Goal”: The Corps Group delivers a comprehensive solution to business challenges by helping organizations create an environment that fosters learning and the development of disciplines to ensure long-term success.
1 hour, half-day, full-day, multi-day
Strategy Workshop; Planning Workshop; Debriefing Workshop; Red Team Workshop; High Performing Team Workshop; Leadership Training; Virtual Team Workshop
Throughout the United States
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