Leadership Speaker Chris Warner

Leadership Speaker Chris WarnerChris Warner is an expert at leading and creating high performance teams. He has guided nearly 200 international mountaineering expeditions, leading teams to the summits of Mount Everest and K2. He is an entrepreneur, educator, Emmy Nominated film maker and an entertaining keynoter.

Profile Chris Warner is one of 9 Americans to summit both Everest and K2. He guided the first ever reality show on Everest for ABC. Hosted a leadership special on the History Channel. He filmed, starred in and produced an Emmy Nominated documentary about his K2 expedition for NBC. Chris has been teaching leadership for 30 years. He’s taught at the Wharton School of Business since 2000. Every year he works with thousands of CEOs, sales teams, senior executives and entrepreneurs. His clients range from Google to the National Counter Terrorism Task Force. He is one of the rare adventurers on the speaking circuit with corporate and academic expertise, allowing him to educate, as well as entertain. Your audience will be inspired by the gripping high definition footage and the gut wrenching tales of narcissism and heroism. Chris, through his inspiring, entertaining and educational keynotes, will help your organization build better leaders.

High Altitude Leadership
Sales teams, CEO groups, Senior Leaders, Industry Groups and Aspiring Leaders
75-90 minutes
Creating and Leading High Performance Teams, Leadership in the Death Zone: Inspiring, Entertaining and Educational: I use dramatic footage from the world’s most deadly peaks (inspirational and entertaining), backed by data from American corporations (inspirational and educational) to teach the formula used by the greatest leaders to build teams that will succeed despite the odds.
3 hours to 13 days.
Creating and Leading High Performance Teams: conference room based workshop that teaches leaders how to create and manage great teams. Leadership Development Expeditions: custom programs held in wilderness areas in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Iceland.
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