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Relational Leadership Speaker Jack Zoellner

Jack Zoellner is The Relational Leadership Speaker

Crush Any Company Goal Like Magic…with Relational Leadership Speaker Jack Zoellner

“I somehow knew relationships were important, but Jack gave me practical steps to start using using those relationships to better manage my people.”

Jack’s speaking topics are customized for every engagement, venue and audience Size. Two of his most requested topics include:

Managing Millennials and Keeping them Happy…And Employed
Jack’s five-step M.A.G.I.C. Method will help you and your managers to realize millennials are people like everyone else. Ease your fear of millennial employees creating internal drama and threatening to leave the company. This bridge of communication works with any adult age group.

Major Robert R. Hayward II – Inspirational Speaker

MAJ-Robert-Hayward-PICMajor Robert R. Hayward II is an active duty Army Aviation Officer, owner of The Hayward, Johnson and Sumbler Group LLC, a consultant firm and motivational and inspirational speaker out of Dallas, Texas. In his speaking appearances, Robert shares how he has used his Christian faith and perseverance to overcome adversity and challenges he encountered as a leader in both the military and the business world. As a leader, Robert talks on topics of leading with compassion for others, setting the example and most of all lead with passion.

Sports Coaching Speaker Dan Clemens

Sports Coaching Speaker Dan ClemensDan Clemens is author of A Perfect Season: A Coach’s Journey to Learning, Competing, and Having Fun in Youth Baseball and a speaker on youth sports, teamwork and leadership development from Castle Rock, Colorado. He is available for keynotes and intensive workshops throughout the US. Dan is known for his mantra that three things should drive youth sports: kids should learn; kids should be competitive; and kids should have fun. He believes the same is true in the workplace.

Motivational Speaker Eve Ash

Motivational Speaker Eve AshEve Ash, motivational psychologist and co-author of Rewrite Your Life! And Rewrite Your Relationships! (Penguin), has created 500 business videos and won 150 international awards. She delivers entertaining keynotes and workshops in USA and Australia. Audiences are always impressed by Eve’s fun, interactive yet practical psychological approach to behavior and the way to create positive changes.

Leadership Speaker David Benjatschek

Leadership Speaker David BenjatschekDavid Benjatschek is “Your Man with the Plan for Better Teams and Better Results!”. Based out of Calgary, Alberta he is the author of “5 Choices to Effective Leadership” and is known for a rare combination: Passion and Practicality. David uses the metaphor of building a house to inspire emerging leaders with a a solid action plan for supervisory & leadership success.

Body Language Speaker Traci Brown

Body Language Speaker Traci BrownTraci Brown is a body language, persuasion and mental performance expert from Boulder, CO. She’s the author of Mastering Magical Persuasion as well as a former member of the US National Cycling Team. She’s available for keynotes and workshops worldwide and is known for teaching how to get the most out of yourself and other people the easy way.

Attitude Speaker Tweed Scott

Attitude Speaker Tweed ScottTweed Scott, a retired broadcaster and inspirational speaker from Houston, TX, is the author of the 3-time national award-winning book, Texas in Her Own Words. He is available for keynotes and workshops targeting Attitude, Embracing Change emphasizing the values leading to a more productive corporate culture and a better life. Attitude is at the source of every success and his upbeat presentations packed with humor and common sense drills that point home.

Inspirational Speaker Doc Hendley

Inspirational Speaker Doc HendleyDoc Hendley is from Boone, North Carolina, and the author of the book Wine to Water: A Bartenders Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World (Avery:Penguin). He is founder and president of the inspirational organization, Wine to Water, and is available for keynotes throughout the U.S. Doc’s message is uplifting and exciting, and he is proof that anyone, even a tattooed keg-tapper, can cure what ails the world.

Team Building Speakers The Corps Group

Team Building Speakers The Corps GroupThe Corps Group is an elite company comprised of military officers, fighter pilots with extensive business experience. Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they are available for keynotes, half days and full days throughout the United States. The Corps Group recognizes that these are challenging times; markets change, customer needs evolve and if organizations do not adapt quickly their company is at risk, and they structure their presentations with that in mind.

Inspirational Speaker Jennifer Sedlock

Inspirational Speaker Jennifer SedlockJennifer Sedlock is a Professional Speaker, Author and Myers-Briggs® Specialist from San Diego who travels nationally focused in the areas of Leadership, Communication and Teambuilding.

Jennifer has authored 18 programs on CD, is featured in various ”Multi-Speaker Sets” such as “Winning Strategies” and is one of many inspirational authors in the book “Conversations on Faith.”

Jennifer is available for keynote presentations and breakout sessions while the hottest demand is for her Award Winning opening convention keynote “Running Toward Your Dream” containing a WOW finale that people are still talking about at the end of your conference! Call Jennifer to find out about it today!