Leadership Speaker Dale Collie

Leadership Speaker Dale CollieDale Collie uses the leadership skills of US Army Rangers to help key people succeed in tough times. His compelling and conversational story-telling brands key points of programs into the minds of audience members, motivating each person to implement immediately and assuring long-term recall.

Author of six books, Dale speaks to associations and corporations across the USA (paying his own travel expenses) and delivers cross-cultural programs internationally.


Dale Collie, former US Army Ranger and combat company commander, was the first infantry officer permitted to stay on active duty as an amputee. This Purple Heart recipient later delivered knock-out punches in the corporate arena when others said it was impossible to take business that traditionally belonged to the competition. The same “can do” attitude and creativity also helped him overcome monumental obstacles as he started businesses in Eastern Europe to employ the impoverished and support orphanages that had been abandoned by their government.

Dale is an author and professional speaker, experienced as a Fortune 500 executive and business owner, and professor at West Point. Named by FAST COMPANY as one of America's Fast 50 innovative leaders. His book "Winning Under Fire" (McGraw-Hill) is published in Chinese, Russian, English, and audio.

North Carolina
(1) “Winning under Fire” (McGraw Hill – available in English, Chinese, Russian and audio), (2) Frontline Leadership (3) Building Courageous Leaders (4) Last Nerve (5) Campfires & Gun Smoke
18 years
Associations, Corporations, Distributors, Sales Reps, Sales Teams
60 minutes
Focus on Success: Success in the face of great obstacles requires detailed planning and coordination, adequate preparation, and unfailing perseverance. Personal stories of success against great odds motivates individuals to impressive goals and renew strategies to succeed when all others predict failure.
Leadership Control of Workplace Stress – ½ day to full-day programs; Taming Workplace Interruptions – 90 minutes; 7 Biggest Mistakes of Public Speakers – 60 minutes

Leadership Control of Workplace Stress: Leaders at all levels are responsible for the bottom line especially when workplace stress is costing as much as 45% of after tax profits.

Taming Workplace Interruptions: Focus on controlling your day so you can implement those time management skills you already know. Recapture your hours at work and get home on time for a change.

7 Biggest Mistakes of Public Speakers: Avoid the mistakes that ruin the message of corporate leaders/managers and politicians. Learn how to construct and deliver programs that have the impact you want.

Nationwide and Internationally
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