Making a Difference Speaker Doris Lee McCoy

Making a Difference Speaker Doris Lee McCoyDr. Doris Lee McCoy is a national and international Making A Difference Speaker/Seminar leader from La Jolla, CA. She has authored seven books and has interviewed 3,000+ well known leaders whose stories she passionately shares through speaking, writing, and TV/Radio shows. Her book AMERICA’S NEW FUTURE is ripe for this political year. As a member of the Explorer’s Club, she has travelled to 17 rainforests and shares some challenging adventures.


Dr. Doris Lee McCoy is a sought-after speaker/consultant who has a passion for sharing the stories of influential leaders with enthusiasm, hope, and a positive outlook. She is known for her energy and personal warmth, and all her speeches are tailored to her specific audience. She uses examples from her interviews with influential leaders and brings an exclusive insider’s look into the famous stories which have shaped our world’s history.

Having years of experience as a TV moderator/producer, Dr. McCoy is a seasoned professional in speaking and interviewing; she has been distinguished by Art Linkletter as the best interviewer among many in his lifetime. Her close interaction with the audience sets her apart from other speakers, as she draws answers and advice from pre-selected people in the audience.

“Spreading hope is what you do phenomenally well. Honestly, what the world needs now is somebody who can keep spreading the word that impossible things are possible.” – Mimi Silbert, Founder, President, CEO of Delancey Street Foundation.

“Nothing indeed is more important than a new vision, a new great dream of the USA. The whole world is looking forward to that.” – Robert Muller, Former Asst. Secretary General of the UN.

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La Jolla
Visionaries Changing the World: Making Commitments and Taking Action; America’s New Future: 100 New Answers; The Magic of Gross National Happiness; MEGATRAITS: 12 Traits of Successful People; Journey of a Music Warrior; From the Amazon: A Young Boy’s Journal; Explorer’s of the 21st Century.
25 years
8,000 people at the United Nation’s International Women’s Year Conference, Mexico City
Leaders who want to succeed in a challenging environment.
30 -45 min.
Visionaries Who Are Changing the World: Dr. McCoy shares selected stories of 82 visionary leaders who are changing the world; America’s New Future: 100 American leaders speak out; The 21 Keys to Happiness at Work, Home, and in Health; and MEGATRAITS: 12 Traits of Successful People
1-3 hours
Four Different Kinds of Women (Good for Men as Well), recognizing the strengths and negative sides of all women - from an unpublished paper by Carl Jung's assistant; MEGATRAITS: 12 Traits of Successful People with specific examples of leaders
Visionaries Changing the World; (See Keynote Described Section)
1 hour
National to International
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