Motivational Speaker Nanci McGraw

Motivational Speaker Nanci McGrawNanci McGraw is the author of “Organized for Success!” and “Speak Up and Stand Out” and sparkles with the same energy as a motivational speaker, trainer, and time/life productivity “DO-it” Coach as she did as a 100 award-winning radio/TV broadcaster.  Clients like AAA, AVIS, Boeing, Eli Lilly, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Marriott call her “The First Lady of WOW!”,  “Motivator with More”, and “a passionate communicator with creative, clear ideas.”  Based near San Diego, California, Nanci has presented in all 50 United States, 7 provinces of Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, with every program reiterating her compelling trademark theme: “Life Rewards the DO-ers and WOW-makers!”

Profile Nanci’s message is perfect for an energetic kick-off, or an inspirational wrap-up for your convention or conference. Her program is positively on target for reinforcing the pure joy of achievement, goal implementation, follow-through, teamwork, and especially individual "DO-erism." Nanci begins with the fundamental truth ‘KNOW-ing is never enough’ and builds the case for the importance of ‘DO-ing’. DO-ers have ONE essential attitude, TWO weaknesses they conquer, THREE traits in common, and FOUR steps they use to overcome obstacles, commit, persist, and enjoy the rewards of achievement. Her rousing finale of her Nanci "DO-ables” she customizes for group & conference theme, sending attendees off to your conference break out sessions, or back home, or back to work--- in high spirits.

Wildomar (north of San Diego)
“Organized for Success: Taking Control of Your Time, Space, and Life” ; “Speak Up and Stand Out: Making Effective Presentations”
Adult men and women together, women only , groups of 100 to 1000+ attendees
Men only; Luncheon or Dinner situations with people involved in eating
65 to 90 minutes
“Life Rewards the DO-ers and WOW-makers!”TM
4 hours
“Just in Time Management: Be ClockWise and StressLess” This is a power session on getting serious about time, selecting your values, what really matters to you and focusing on your “gotta haves.” Learn how to prioritize in a practical way and avoid “time-suckers”, accomplish things you hate to do, and avoid overdoing things you love to do. Use guilt and regret to advantage, and maximize your prime and down times. Put perfectionism in its place. Procrastinate productively. Bottom line: manage your time, manage your life
“Top 5 Time Suckers: How to Zap These Monsters So You Can Have a Life and Love It” ; “Clean Deskology: How to Dig Out Your Desk for Personal Productivity and Creativity” ; “A Procrastinator’s Heart to Heart: 5 Wacky Ways to Finally Get Going and Get To It”; “Will the Real Priority Please Stand Up: How to Set and Not Neglect Your True Priorities”; “Get Unstuck from Stuff: How to Learn to Let Go and Love It”
60 to 90 minutes
100 Mile Radius or more
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