Health and Fitness Speaker Dave Hubbard

Health and Fitness Speaker Dave HubbardDave Hubbard, from Atlanta Georgia, is an ex NFL athlete, author, inventor, coach and motivational speaker on fitness as it relates to improving personal performance. He is available for keynotes, breakout sessions, and 3-hour workshops throughout the U.S. Dave is an experienced speaker of over 30 years, and an expert at engaging and inspiring people to make small changes that produce big results that last a lifetime.


Dave Hubbard is known today as America’s Fitness Coach®. He specializes in helping people increase their energy, stamina and personal performance, to be healthier and more productive. Dave is a NFL athlete, and has been speaking to Fortune 500, and Fortune 100 companies, as well as many organizations throughout America for over 30 years. Dave has been featured many times on radio and television, and is a published author. Dave captivates audiences with his dramatic and humorous true life stories, weaving in hard-hitting facts with inspiring solutions. Dave challenges people not to settle for “average or good”, but instead, never rest until the good is better, and the better is best. Every presentation is packed with practical and attainable action steps that inspire everyone to improve. Dave's presentations are humorous, engaging, and highly entertaining.

Keynote Described:

High energy, inspirational address including humorous nail-biting near fatal parachuting accident, and other motivating life story events that motivates everyone to overcome the obstacles holding them back from reaching their potential.

Workshops and Webinars Described:

You’re Good, Now Get Better!

Dave shares powerful and timeless principles for improving personal performance. Are you physically and mentally tough when the pressure is on? Are you confident? Do you believe in yourself and your ability to compete and win? Or, do you get stressed out, feeling weak and compromised? Do you have energy and vitality sufficient to perform at your very best, even at the end of a busy day or week? In short, fitness is all about your ability to perform to the very best of your ability. Dave will show you how to overcome the obstacles to achieving peak personal performance, EVERY DAY!

Actions verses Goals

Goals are obtained only when actions are properly aligned with intentions. That’s why “Actions speak louder than goals.”¹ Typically we pick up our life-binoculars, so to speak, and focus on what we what to accomplish over the next month, year, or even our lifetime. Once we catch a vision of what that is, we tend to make that a life-goal to achieve. The difficult thing, however, is not setting the goal, it’s defining the action steps, and the priority and accountability structure necessary to achieve that goal. In this presentation Dave Hubbard defines greatness based on focus, consistency, and accountability.

Fit10™ Fitness

Fit10 stands for Frequency, Intensity, and Time (10 minutes). The idea is to increase the frequency of how often you workout, increase the intensity of your workout, and decrease the time of your workout to only 10 minutes. Dave Hubbard’s fitness formula (for which he was rewarded a U.S. Patent) has helped thousands of people to achieve a lifetime of fitness. In this presentation you will learn; why most Americans fail with fitness – the difference between exercise and a workout – why anaerobic exercise is much more effective than aerobic exercise – how to burn fat and build strength, and much, much more!

Fitness over 50+

Growing older seems to involve an inevitable loss of strength, energy, and fitness. The frail health and loss of function we associate with aging is in large part due to physical inactivity. The problem is that after the age of 40 our joints begin to wear down, even though our muscles maintain their capacity for strength. If you don’t know how to build and maintain your strength without beating up your body in the process, you will eventually stop exercising! Learn a new formula for fitness that allows anyone to get and stay fit in a fraction of the time typically recommended, and without overstressing joints, hips, knees, back, etc.

Survive and THRIVE!

Sometimes life’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, and not at all what you had hoped and expected it would be! In this unforgettable message, Dave shares how a near fatal accident changed his perspective on life for the better. Then, years later he experienced another unexpected life altering event that shook the foundations of his faith. This is a story that will change your life, as you see the power of God’s mercy and grace to heal and restore. This is a faith based message.

BAD CHUTE! Why most Americans fail with fitness
300 participants or more
30-45 minutes
You're Good, Now Get BETTER!
1 to 3 hours
See Description in Summary Above
See Description in Summary Above
30 to 90 minutes
Willing to travel anywhere, nationally or internationally
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