Motivational Speaker Rudy Segovia

Motivational Speaker Rudy SegoviaRudy Segovia is nationally known as a sales trainer in the direct sales cookware industry. His high energy, passionate sales talks come straight from 33 years in the direct sales industry. His delivery is warm, charismatic with a sense of humor. His motivational message will inspire you to take the next steps towards reaching your goals. Rudy Segovia speaks about the power of persistence, resilience, courage and the fear that prevents people from reaching their full potential.


Rudy’s professional sales training seminars; this proven step-by-step system shows you how to let your confidence guide your every word and action... transforming you into a polished and effective professional sales person. These seminars are divided into ½ day, Full day and 2 day Boot Camp.

  • Prospecting
  • Pre qualifying the prospect
  • Appointment setting
  • 1st impression and breaking the ice
  • Pre demonstration talks (control with questions)
  • Professional demonstration
  • Handling objections
  • Sales close
  • Close after the close (minimize cancellations)
  • Referrals

Rudy also has a collection of Motivational, Inspirational and Keynote talks. One continuing compliment is the way Rudy reorganizes the talks to fit the industry in which he is speaking. Rudy Segovia motivates and energizes an audience by delivering entertaining, engaging and inspiring, clean, powerful, life changing messages. Rudy Segovia understands the power of storytelling and uses his personal story to inspire audiences to dream big, act now and reach financial freedom.

Professional Accomplishments Rudy worked with an International direct sales cookware company. In a year he became the #1 sales manager, recruiter and trainer. Later his reached the level of Distributor, Territory Director and finally Master Territory Director. Only 50 out of the 6,000 salespeople reach this level. Rudy’s most cherished award – Inducted into the Sales Hall of Fame in 1995.

Rudy is also a member of Toastmaster International. Rudy Segovia has won several speech awardsincluding Speaker of the Year in the Chicago Toastmasters Humorous Speech Competition. After 33 years in direct sales Rudy Segovia has overcome almost every type of obstacle, objection, difficult people and sales situation in both single and group demonstrations. Rudy has learned from experience not by reading other people’s stories. Rudy says “I have walked in your shoes, I had doors slammed on me, I knocked again and got the appointment, I have dealt with drunk, angry father/husbands and still came out with the sale”. Nobody is born a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Mechanic or a Sales Person. Professional training is the key to reaching your sales potential.

Sales groups; MLM, Direct Sales
20 – 40 minutes
Thank you
1 to 3 days
Sales training
The World
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