Inspirational Speaker Lynda O’Connor

Inspirational Speaker Lynda O'ConnorLynda O’Connor is an award winning public relations specialist and marketing speaker about book and author promotion. She and her author husband Jim, are available throughout the country for panel discussions, presentations, and workshops on powerhouse publicity for your book. They have run their own PR firm O’Connor Communications for 20 years.

Profile For years, Lynda O’Connor has inspired authors with humor and honesty telling them how to get noticed in today’s crazy ever-changing book world. The sea- change of publishing affects book promotion and Lynda explains to authors what they can do on tight budgets to promote their books. She captures the attention of all attendees at book conferences and gives them the encouragement that they need to proceed with their work. “Forty Things Under $40 Bucks Authors can do to Promote Their Books” and “How Technology has Changed the Way that Authors get Publicity” are two popular topics that audiences enjoy. Lynda and her husband Jim have had their own PR firm for over 25 years, and they have been speaking at book conferences around the country for six years. They won three national awards for the best book publicity in the United States and they are totally dedicated to the success of their clients. Jim , an author himself, has been on 312 TV shows including Oprah, The View, CNN, The Early Show, The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, ABC World News Tonight, and The O’Reilly Factor.

Lake Forest
Authors and writers
45 minutes
You’ve written your masterpiece – now what?: Why marketing a book is as important as its content
3 hours

How to plan an effective book campaign. Each book is different and how you have to decide what tactics and strategies will be included in your efforts. Ways to use the media to get your book exposed. This will describe different ways to reach the media so that they are aware of your book. How to write and distribute a press release, how to use the internet, how to use apps and mobile technology when promoting your book, and how to reach editors and reporters throughout the country will be covered. Using radio to your advantage, How to prepare for an interview.- what to research, how to be remembered, what kind of etiquette should you use, what to say in the interview, and how to follow - up, What’s the difference between advertising and public relations and how to effectively use both in a book campaign. A discussion of what these tactics are and why they are both important in your efforts.

Using the media to publicize your book, Take the mystery out of promoting your book, Help! I need my book to be noticed!
45 minutes
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