Personal Branding Speaker Annalisa Armitage

Personal Branding Speaker Annalisa ArmitageAnnalisa Armitage co-author of “Social Savvy” is a professional image consultant and stylist. She has appeared on national television and is a very likeable, fun, easy to listen to and popular speaker. Annalisa has a real touch at connecting with people and can speak, facilitate, teach and coach on a number of different topics, including Personal Branding, Sales Skills, Networking, Why Image Matters, and How to Choose a Suit that Suits.


Annalisa Armitage AICI CIP co-author of “Social Savvy” believes that mastering the art of dressing well allows you to free your mind and get on with the things that matter most.

Annalisa is a professional Image Consultant and Stylist, who runs a successful consultancy. She is the founder of the Sydney Chapter of The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Owner and Founder of My Image Consultant her Sydney based Image Consultancy and the founder and Owner of My Own Personal Brand, a unique bespoke suit and shirt service that employs Image Consultants to create a Personal Brand for their customers in order for them to buy clothes that suit them perfectly.

Annalisa contributes to a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph called What to Where? She is constantly being asked for her professional opinion in all forms of media including; National Television, Newspapers, Magazines and Radio. Quick on her feet, she is a much-liked speaker, fun and light hearted, while delivering very punchy messages that really hit the mark.

Annalisa quickly puts audiences at ease as she speaks on a variety of topics, such as Dress for Success, Personal Branding and Why Image Matters.

Annalisa is happy to travel anywhere in Australia.

Sydney, NSW
Social Savvy
Corporate Groups
15min – 30min
Up Your Look, Up Your Game
45min to full Day
Personal Branding – How to create a brand for yourself in much the same way as corporations do. Developing a Corporate Uniform – developing dress standards or corporate uniforms with buy in from the staff, while focusing on the corporate brand. Networking – effective networking and how the way you dress is reflected in how people see you. Suits that suit – buying a suit that suits your personality, your body shape, complexion and purpose Why Image Matters – Aimed at corporate groups who want to improve the dress standards of their staff, why image matters is a workshop proving the benefits of dressing well.
100 Mile Radius or more
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