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Marketing Speaker Jerry FletcherJerry Fletcher, “Networking Ninja” has been speaking professionally since 1993, authored 3 books, seven audio programs and 4 video programs. He travels across the Americas and Europe to deliver Keynotes, Breakouts and Seminars from offices his friends say are “at the end of the sidewalk” south of Portland.

This cutting edge strategist and gently humorous speaker generates comments like, “I’ve never forgotten what you said, its why I’m successful today”, “The fundamentals you teach make fortunes!” and, “You showed me how to take Trust to the bank.”

His Trust-based strategic marketing approach has helped raised over $500,000 for a start-up in just 17 days, in­creased the first quarter sales of a consulting firm by over $1.2 Million with a single suggestion, and in­creased a power software compa­ny’s sales by 400% in 18 months by “tweaking their CRM System.”


Networking Ninja, Jerry Fletcher, gives audiences both the motivation and the methods to achieve higher performance. A professional speaker for 18 years, this consultant to management is an expert at business development.

Jerry made his mark birthing high-tech companies in garages, counseling the mighty in their board rooms and working with successful companies in conference rooms and kitchens. He knows what works and what doesn’t both on and off line.

He touches hearts and minds with audacious interaction, a cascade of signature stories and a voice of experience. The Ninja will do whatever it takes to make your meeting more memorable... props, demonstrations, interactivity... you name it.

That dedication to excellence is why Americas Empressarial invited him to keynote in Columbia, AOL flew him cross country to prep employees for major industry meetings and the Institute of Management Consultants asked him to deliver their closing keynote. It is why every two years state and national association meeting planners ask him to hold a date.

His presentations are guaranteed to be well-received and generate results.

No ifs, ands or buts.

How can Jerry help you?

The Trust Equation (in development), Gathering Wisdom, Positioning—How to stand out from the Crowd, The ABCs of Do-it-yourself Marketing
Business Owners/Managers, Consulting professionals, Associations, B2C Franchisees, Creative businesses, Sales & Marketing, Leadership Groups, Technology companies and organizations
Retail; Any Sales organization that is transactional rather than relationally based
Keynotes range in length from 60 to 90 minutes to meet your scheduling. All are interactive to some extent depending on size of audience. Volunteers are used as audiences become larger.
The Trust Equation-Business Development 2.5 On and Offline, Million Dollar Morning—Trust You Can Take to the Bank, A String of Pearls an Endnote that recaptures your theme blends observations about attendee networking behavior with signature stories, humor and gets sign-ups for next year. Second Notes, lighter material for after lunch and breakouts: Pearl Diving—How to Work a Room, Trade Secrets of a Networking Ninja—How to Stay in Contact and Get the Contract
Marketing Without Money 1/2 day or one day; No Budget Branding One, two or three hours; 30 Second Marketing Two or three hours; How to Change Contacts into Contracts One, two or three hours
Marketing Without Money is a half day or one day workshop designed to provide Small Businesses, Associations and Chambers of Commerce with a paid event that builds and retains membership by providing business building skills attendees can put to work immediately. It combines three shorter workshops: No Budget Branding; 30-Second Marketing; and How to change Contacts into Contracts Any of the three workshops that make up Marketing Without Money can be expanded from one to three hours in length. All are interactive and all get results.
Please see the "Second Notes" and Workshop Topics described above for topics available as a Webinar
Jerry prefers to keep the length of the webinar to about one hour with 15 minute Q & A at the end. He is known for injecting interactive elements into webinars actively asking those in attendance to “raise hands…electronically.”
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