Personal Growth Speaker Janet Richmond

Personal Growth Speaker Janet RichmondJanet Richmond is the author of CHOICES-Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints and a personal growth speaker from Sherman Oaks California. She is available for workshops and speaking engagements throughout the U.S. Janet is a successful coach and teacher of the life-altering Neutralizing technique, the flip side of the Law of Attraction coin that few address: Positive thinking does not erase your negative thoughts; before any deep change can happen negative thoughts must first be neutralized.


Janet Richmond's workshops on the Neutralizing technique offer the simple tools that ANYONE can use to begin getting real change in their lives. Her kindness, warmth and life-long dedication to helping people improve their lives shines through in her Workshops, Meetups, Private Sessions and weekly Radio Shows. Janet's friendly, conversational style allows her to truly connect with and help people who are frustrated by their inability to turn their lives around. Armed with this ground-breaking information, attendees of her Neutralizing workshops leave with everything they need to break through the barriers that hold back their true material balance, true self-expression, vibrant health, inner joy and the discovery and expansion of the destiny path. Participants of her workshops represent everyday people who find hope and success on levels they've never been able to achieve before and consistently return with personal stories of breakthroughs and success.

Workshops are given wherever there is a demand, including overseas; however, traveling expenses may apply if it is to be held outside of the Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties.

Sherman Oaks
CHOICES-Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints
People searching for spiritual advancement, personal growth and healing on all levels. People who are frustrated by the constant obstacles that stand in their way and want to get rid of them once and for all!
one to one and a half hours
Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts: This keynote discussion clearly describes how thought energy works; an area that is usually glossed over or ignored because it is so little understood. Simply, thought energy (magnetic in nature), once created is carried with us throughout our life and provides the fuel for all that we manifest in our life pattern. A positive thought is only attracted to (and attracts in) other positive thoughts. So when we think positively, we do empower that positive thought further. However it does not have any effect whatsoever on the negative thoughts already present. If we do nothing to the existing negative thoughts within our unconscious, we have given these thoughts, by default, an unrestrained license to grow and continue fueling the unwanted situations and conditions in our lives. Although positive thinking is important, even more so is the NEUTRALIZATION of the negative energy we all carry which is holding us prisoner in unwanted patterns. This is the process whereby we are able to render the negative fuel harmless, allowing real and permanent, positive change in our lives.
3-4 hours or 1-2 days

The Framework of the Unconscious: When we search for answers and help to improve our lives, often one of the first realizations we come to is that our unconscious mind plays a significant role in creating our outer reality. However, even as we become more self-aware we may find the unconscious a maze of pathways and dark places that can be vague and uncertain. The information may even turn out to be of little help in creating the change we so deeply want.

In this workshop the Framework of the Unconscious is clearly outlined and explained. You will come away understanding the nature of negative and positive thoughts, how they work and interact within our unconscious to create our physical lives, why we continue replaying the same patterns over and over again, why we are seeming slaves to our emotional responses and much, much more.

Armed with this information you will understand once and for all why it is unrealistic that a sudden concentration on positive thoughts will give most of us the quick and life-altering results we so desperately want. But most importantly you will come away with a complete understanding of how to do powerful and effective NEUTRALIZING technique, the simple process that allows you to start making your unconscious work for you, not against you. Armed with this information, participants can move forward with confidence and enthusiasm toward the future they've always envisioned. From the start will experience immediate shifts.

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