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Overcoming Obstacles Speakers Mike Reis and Chris Reis

Overcoming Obstacles Speakers Mike Reis and Chris ReisThis dynamic inspirational father and son speaking team featuring former New Orleans Saint and Super Bowl XLIV Champion Chris Reis and his father Mike Reis. Their mission is to encourage others to live life with thoughtful and selfless intention. Their soon-to-be-published book, “Recovery of a Lifetime”, examines how a son’s trust in God and perseverance against all odds throughout his life led to his historic recovery of the game changing onside kick in Super Bowl XLIV and how that moment influenced his father to suddenly reign in 35 years of addictive behaviors in favor of sobriety and selflessness.

Overcoming Obstacles Speaker Barbara Hemphill

Overcoming Obstacles Speaker Barbara HemphillBarbara Hemphill, founder of Productive Environment Institute, started a residential organizing business in 1978 with a $7 ad in a New York City newspaper. Today she has a team of Certified Productive Environment Specialists whose passion is helping individuals accomplish their work and enjoy their life by improving the way they manage time, space and information. She is passionate about helping organizations cut costs, increase productivity, and collaborate more effectively by reducing paper and implementing strategies for utilizing the cloud.

Personal Growth Speakers Empowering Angels

Personal Growth Speakers Empowering AngelsThe “Empowering Angels,” Suzanne Quinn and Andrea Brunswick, provide individuals/groups with a toolkit to take control of their lives, overcome obstacles, and enjoy the success, happiness and personal fulfillment that they deserve.

Motivational Speaker Cindy Miller

Motivational Speaker Cindy Millerit®

What is your “It”? Everybody has one.

“it® is your purpose, your potential, your passion.

Join Cindy Miller, Professional Golfer, Author, Certified Behavioral Coach, and Television Sports Personality as she talks about how the pain of her personal and professional tragedies became the catalyst for her to seek a better way. With humor and candor, Cindy shares how she overcame her failures on the world stage to rise again, architecting the life of her dreams. Cindy Miller inspires people to pursue and own their it® In golf. In business. In life.

Inspirational Speaker Lynda O’Connor

Inspirational Speaker Lynda O'ConnorLynda O’Connor is an award winning public relations specialist and marketing speaker about book and author promotion. She and her author husband Jim, are available throughout the country for panel discussions, presentations, and workshops on powerhouse publicity for your book. They have run their own PR firm O’Connor Communications for 20 years.

Motivational Speaker Murray Watson

Motivational Speaker Murray WatsonMurray C. Watson is the author of If Only Sleep Would Last Forever: Help for Depression and Anxiety from One Who’s Been There and Smiles, Wisdom and Encouragement: Quotations with Personal Commentary to Lift Your Life and an inspirational speaker from Havelock Ontario (Canada). He is available for keynotes throughout Canada and US States bordering Ontario. Known for his strong voice, humour, and emotional connection, Murray’s storytelling has been compared with Stuart Mclean of CBC Radio’s ‘The Vinyl Cafe.’

Inspirational Speaker Doc Hendley

Inspirational Speaker Doc HendleyDoc Hendley is from Boone, North Carolina, and the author of the book Wine to Water: A Bartenders Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World (Avery:Penguin). He is founder and president of the inspirational organization, Wine to Water, and is available for keynotes throughout the U.S. Doc’s message is uplifting and exciting, and he is proof that anyone, even a tattooed keg-tapper, can cure what ails the world.

Inspirational Speaker George Burk

Inspirational Speaker George BurkGeorge Burk, plane crash, burn survivor and author of his fourth book, Laugh You Live Cry You Die – A Burn Survivor’s Triumph Over Tragedy, is an inspiring and motivational speaker from Scottsdale, Arizona. His story as the sole survivor of 14 passengers in a military plane crash is riveting, inspiring and miraculous. He connects with his audiences with passion, humor and authenticity. With over 30 years platform experience in the US and Canada, George tailors each presentation from four personal core values that played a critical role in his rescue, medical care and recovery. His life is a testament of the innate will and drive to never give up, never give in that lives within each of us and that we all have a Purpose.

Inspirational Speaker Susanna Dussling

Inspirational Speaker Susanna DusslingSusanna Dussling is the author of Sunny and her Cochlear Implants a children’s book and an inspirational speaker from Houston, Texas. She is available for keynotes and breakouts sessions throughout the U.S. Susanna is an energetic, deaf speaker who is known for using humor, audience participation and personal stories throughout her uplifting and engaging presentations.

Inspirational Speaker Devin Hughes

Inspirational Speaker Devin HughesDevin C. Hughes, The Chief Inspiration Officer is a former college basketball player at Colgate University, speaker, author and change agent. He is an avid storyteller who has the unique ability to connect with audiences by inspiring them to be the change they wish to see in the world. He draws on a variety of ideas, disciplines and trends to inspire and facilitate personal and organizational change. He lives in San Diego, CA.