Powerful Image Speaker Kay Smith

Powerful Image Speaker Kay SmithKay Smith is a professional image and communication consultant and speaker from Dallas, TX. She is available for seminars and 2-day intensive training workshops throughout the United States. Kay teaches about the importance of an authentic image (it’s not just about the colors you wear), the secrets of body language, and how to understand others so you know exactly how to communicate what you want for improved business and personal relationships.

Profile Kay is an in demand speaker specializing in women’s groups, focusing on empowering others to value their strengths, uniqueness and greatness. Topics include “3 Secrets to Attract Your Ideal Clients,” “The 3 Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make That Keep Them From Getting The Job They Want,” “The New 9-5 Power Dressing,” “Discover the 3 Secrets to Increase Your Attraction Factor.” Kay entertains, educates and wows her audience with stories, examples and live mini makeovers.

3 years
Professional men and women, College graduating seniors, Women’s groups
40 minutes
Dress Like You Mean Business: How to Achieve the Image You Want and the Success You Deserve:Your image can be a powerful ally when it comes to your career. On the other hand, the wrong image can sabotage even your best efforts toward success. Learn the three essentials of professional presence so you appear more confident, credible and competent.
Business Dress 101: 90 minutes; Unlimited Productivity Program: 4 hours Magnetize Your Image Workshop: 2 days (10 hours)
Business Dress 101: What’s appropriate for professional dress, business casual, and casual Friday. Learn why a professional image is important and how image is more than the clothes you wear. It’s also your body language. UPP: Unlimited Productivity Program: Misunderstandings and poor communication in the workplace can lead to chaos and lowered productivity. Learn how others think and why they act and behave the way they do. This workshop gets into the psychology of the 4 different Energy Types and how best to respond to each one. This is a fun and interactive workshop with role playing and other techniques to enhance learning. Magnetize Your Image workshop: Your brand is your image. Discover your Energy Style and how to reveal that on the outside. Individuals receive a customized portfolio of their style with their unique colors and design lines for an authentic image. Accessories, makeup and hairstyle are also included for women. Collar styles and appropriate tie knots are included for men.
No Limits
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