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Sales Skills Speaker Kerry Linda Martin-Moore

Sales Skills Speaker Kerry Linda Martin-MooreKerry Linda Martin-Moore is a Professional Speaker, celebrated sales professional, business owner, coach, and trainer focused on helping others EXCEED their sales goals. Kerry’s engaging and entertaining message will equip you to better grow your team, deliver new value to your clients, and expedite your success.

Kerry lives in Austin Texas and is available for keynote presentations and breakout sessions, as well as workshops and intense interactive training sessions worldwide.

Leadership Speaker David Benjatschek

Leadership Speaker David BenjatschekDavid Benjatschek is “Your Man with the Plan for Better Teams and Better Results!”. Based out of Calgary, Alberta he is the author of “5 Choices to Effective Leadership” and is known for a rare combination: Passion and Practicality. David uses the metaphor of building a house to inspire emerging leaders with a a solid action plan for supervisory & leadership success.

Relationship Speaker Cheri Valentine

Relationship Speaker Cheri ValentineCheri Valentine is the author of “Secrets to Passionate Partnership,” and a relationship speaker from Hampton, NH. She is available for keynotes and training workshops, throughout the US. Cheri is known for sharing her expertise and offering you many tools and opportunities to develop thriving, healthy relationships in all areas of your life.

Presentation Skills Speaker Ernest Chen

Presentation Skills Speaker Ernest ChenErnest Chen is the author of one of Singapore’s public speaking bestsellers- Earnestly Speaking and a highly sought after presentation skill speaker from Singapore. He conducts various public speaking courses that help individuals overcome their public speaking fears, become a more effective Master of Ceremonies and in writing engaging and entertaining speeches throughout Asia. Ernest is also well-known for his dynamic public speaking coaching programs that constantly pushes its participants out of their comfort zone in order to help them realize their full potential in public speaking.


Motivational Speaker Murray Watson

Motivational Speaker Murray WatsonMurray C. Watson is the author of If Only Sleep Would Last Forever: Help for Depression and Anxiety from One Who’s Been There and Smiles, Wisdom and Encouragement: Quotations with Personal Commentary to Lift Your Life and an inspirational speaker from Havelock Ontario (Canada). He is available for keynotes throughout Canada and US States bordering Ontario. Known for his strong voice, humour, and emotional connection, Murray’s storytelling has been compared with Stuart Mclean of CBC Radio’s ‘The Vinyl Cafe.’

Team Building Speaker Marvin Stottlemire

Team Building Speaker Marvin StottlemireMarvin Stottlemire draws on his experience as a trial attorney, college professor, and improvisational actor to enlighten and entertain audiences. Based in Topeka Kansas he travels throughout the United States and Canada.

Communications Skills Speaker Stephanie Bickel

Communication Skills Speaker Stephanie BickelStephanie Bickel is a sought after communication consultant who helps elevate impact and increase influence through improving people’s communication style, structure, and influence. She and her team are available for keynotes and intensive training workshops for individuals, groups, and corporations throughout the U.S. Speak by Design is known for their expertise on topics such as executive coaching, presentation skills, accent reduction, and vocal presence.

Change Speaker Judith Parker Harris

Change Speaker Judith Parker HarrisJudith Parker Harris is a change agent, helping people target blocks and bust through them in record time. She is the author of Conquer Crisis With Health-Esteem, Move From Blocked To Blockbuster, and Master Challenges In Your Life. From Beverly Hills, CA, she is available for keynotes, workshops and consulting throughout the U.S. Judith uses her movie and commercial production know-how to help audiences find their villains, become heroic and produce the results of their dreams.

Leadership Speaker Mary Kelly

Leadership Speaker Mary KellyDr. Mary Kelly, Commander, US Navy (ret) is author of several business and leadership books including 15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy and the global award-winning Master Your World: 10 Dog-Inspired Leadership Lessons to Improve Productivity, Profits, and Communication.

A humorous economist, Mary uses Navy leadership practices, economic principles, communication strategies, and business efficiency techniques to tailor keynotes, breakouts, and business consulting to organizations looking for improved productivity and enhanced employee engagement.

Specializing in government, education, finance, insurance, business development, and women’s groups, Mary is engaging, enlightening, and entertaining as she wows international audiences and helps people become more effective and efficient.

Presentation Skills Speaker Pam Chambers

Presentation Skills Speaker Pam ChambersPam Chambers is a presentation coach and author of Public Speaking Made Easy and Life is a Presentation. She is available for keynote presentations, half or full-day seminars, and two-day intensives throughout the U.S. and primarily in Hawaii. Pam is known for bringing out the best in her audiences through her wise and cheerful messages and her interactive style.