Sales Skills Speaker Jane Gentry

Sales Skills Speaker Jane GentryJane Gentry – The Authority on Sales Growth is based in Atlanta and works with organizations around the globe to amplify the performance of client-facing teams. She will help you learn how to identify your prospects thinking preferences and learn how to quickly adapt your sales presentations so you will sell the way your customer buys. She is available for keynotes, workshops and customized strategic business solutions.


Magnifying the output of your sales teams performance by going wider and deeper with customers and prospects is a sales manager’s dream, right? In this keynote, Jane will teach your sales team how to reduce the potential of misfiring with prospects and customers. She will show them how to quickly determine how your customers buy and how they can adapt their sales approach -- on phone calls, in sales presentations, or in proposals.

Your sales people will be amazed at how much of their own baggage they bring into every sales call. Selling doesn’t have to be complex, but the person you are selling to is complicated. Jane will address how to peel away biases and pre-conceived ideas so you can focus on what the customer is saying. She will teach your sales team to recognize the preferences and filters of prospects (and customers) and use those clues to achieve better results throughout the sales cycle.

Most sales people steer clear of difficult situations. But Jane will show your team how to redirect difficult relationships into more productive selling opportunities. Jane's approach doesn't compete with your existing systems and processes; rather, it easily integrates to improve results and prevent ineffective efforts. Key skills your team will learn:

• Identifying clues to how your customers buy • Quickly adapting your language when appropriate • Improving customer interaction by identifying the most productive communication style • Changing the direction of difficult customer relationships

Stop Leaving Profits on the Trade Show Floor

How to sell the way your customer buys

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