Inspirational Speaker Jin Robertson

Inspirational Speaker Jin RobertsonDr. Jin Robertson, author of Major Dream: From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard PhD, is available for keynotes throughout the world. She is known for inspiring and motivating her audience to live the best way they can while helping others, regardless of their background.


Do you find yourself overwhelmed sometimes?

Does it seem life is throwing one obstacle after another into your path?

Are you ever tempted just to give up?

If so, you’ll love this inspiring program by Jin Robertson, a Korean factory girl who immigrated to America as a housemaid at age twenty-two, speaking little English, and with only $100 to her name. Through determination, imagination, and sheer will, she became a U.S. Army major and graduated from Harvard with a PhD. She is now Korea’s most popular inspirational speaker (over 1,000 keynotes delivered) and the book chronicling her amazing story has sold more than a half million copies. As a single mother, she raised a daughter, Jasmin, who became a Presidential Scholar (1 of 141 chosen from a pool of 2.5 million high school seniors) and who, like her mother, graduated from Harvard and became a U.S. Army officer.

Prepare yourself for a moving presentation that proves all individuals can create the life they’ve always wanted—if they are willing to do their best, place themselves in positions of opportunity, and take responsibility for producing quality results that cause others to want to work with them and for them.

North Carolina
Major Dream: From Immigrant Housemaid To Harvard PhD (sold over a half million copies in Korea)
12 years
Professional men & women wanting to improve their lives
One and half hours
Choosing Your Own Fate: How to Overcome any Obstacles in Life
4 hours
Choosing Your Own Fate: How to Overcome any Obstacles in Life
Choosing Your Own Fate: How to Overcome any Obstacles in Life
One and half hours
100 Mile Radius or more
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