Sexual Addiction Recovery Speakers Gary & Sharon Worrell

Sexual Addiction Recovery Speakers Gary & Sharon WorrellGary and Sharon Worrell are co-authors of Sexual Addiction—One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing and are counselors from Denver, Colorado. They are available for keynotes and 3 hour intensive workshops together or separately. Gary and Sharon are experts in sexual addiction recovery and have developed Addiction Recovery Assistance—a non-traditional recovery plan using out-of-the-box tools.

Profile Gary and Sharon Worrell are highly sought after authors and counselors who have been through Sexual Addiction and Codependency recovery and now use their expertise to educate others on how pornography affects individuals and relationships. They have developed an Addiction Recovery Assistance Plan that utilizes outside-the-box tools and present alternative approaches that yield superior results. Everywhere they go they are speaking about the importance of reframing perceptions that have created realities that may have kept individuals stuck in cycles of negative habit patterns or in traumas of the past. Gary and Sharon are passionate about helping people understand how imperative it is to address the the stressors that keep them from finding balance for a life of success. If you are looking for speakers that are utilizing new and different ways of addressing old problems—then you will want to have Gary and Sharon engage your audience.

Sexual Addiction One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing
Corporate EAP—HR departments; Union Employee Assistance Programs; Universities and colleges ; Churches—Youth, Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups
1 hour
1) Connection—Not Addiction; 2) Addiction Recovery Assistance; 3) Reframe Your Perceptions and Change Your Life
We fit into your time frame—You tell us what you need and we make it happen
Pornography Education—zero tolerance policy in the workplace; How does Porn Affect You—Kids, teens, men, women, relationships, your paycheck; Perception Reframing—How are your perceptions hindering you?; Addiction Recovery Assistance—Addiction recovery with outside-the-box tools; Sexual Anorexia/Sexual Addiction—How it affects Relationships; Partner Recovery—Codependency the co-addiction that keeps you stuck
Same topics are available as are for Workshops
1-2 Hour webinars
Gary and Sharon are willing to travel anywhere
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