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Sports Coaching Speaker Dan ClemensDan Clemens is author of A Perfect Season: A Coach’s Journey to Learning, Competing, and Having Fun in Youth Baseball and a speaker on youth sports, teamwork and leadership development from Castle Rock, Colorado. He is available for keynotes and intensive workshops throughout the US. Dan is known for his mantra that three things should drive youth sports: kids should learn; kids should be competitive; and kids should have fun. He believes the same is true in the workplace.

Profile Dan Clemens is a sought-after speaker and trainer by youth sports and parenting organizations that are looking to inspire coaches, change mindsets and engage adults in creating the best possible youth sports experience for kids. He brings humor, rich stories, relevant research, and a wealth of coaching experience to his presentations that will both delight and challenge audiences. He offers practical advice on how coaches can be better leaders of teams and how parents can be better supporters of their kids and teams, including his 10-Tips for Parents to Ensure a Perfect Season. Audiences walk away with a philosophy and actions that will make for a better youth sports experience . . . and they quickly see that these same ideas will make them more successful in their work and personal lives. Whether a 20-minute after dinner speech, a 40 minute keynote or a 3-hour hands-on workshop, Dan’s audiences are laughing, thinking, learning, and engaged for the entire program.

A Perfect Season: A Coach’s Journey to Learning, Competing, and Having Fun in Youth Baseball
Youth coaches, baseball coaches, parents of youth athletes
30 – 50 minutes
Is There A Perfect Season In You: What Makes a Great Youth Coach?: Research confirms that kids and adults want different things from a youth sports experience: adults want to win and kids want to have fun. This difference causes conflict on and off the field among coaches, parents and players, and as a result, 80 percent of kids will quit their sport by age 15. Dan Clemens asserts that three things should drive youth sports: kids need to learn, kids need to be competitive and learn to compete, and most of all, kids must have fun. Dan shows audiences how to do this and enjoy “A Perfect Season” of their own.
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