Team Building Speaker Marvin Stottlemire

Team Building Speaker Marvin StottlemireMarvin Stottlemire draws on his experience as a trial attorney, college professor, and improvisational actor to enlighten and entertain audiences. Based in Topeka Kansas he travels throughout the United States and Canada.

Profile Because of his varied interests and activities, Marvin has been called a renaissance man. He is an experienced litigation attorney a dynamic classroom instructor and an award winning amateur actor. He is a trained mediator and experienced facilitator. Whether on stage, in the classroom, or facilitating a planning session, his warm, vibrant personality make him a welcome addition to any event. His 20 years experience as an improvisational actor, have taught him that laughter is an essential part of learning and his presentations are never boring.

Conferences, Corporate and Not for Profit Training
50 minutes
Rx For Stress: Laughter Plus Control: After discussing how laughter helps deal with stress, this session presents specific tactics to deal with stress.
50 minutes to two hours.
Teambuilding through laughter. Based on improvisational acting techniques these sessions help build a sense of community. Difficult Conversations. Provides guidance on how to deal with difficult people.
Will go anywhere
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