Women’s Empowerment Speaker Joan Moran

Women's Empowerment Speaker Joan MoranJoan Moran turns the world upside down for success. Former theater entrepreneur, actress turned yoga and tango instructor, author of a new memoir, SIXTY, SEX, & TANGO, CONFESSIONS OF A BEATNIK BOOMER, Joan speaks to three key groups who want to live abundant and passionate lives: to women who want to empower themselves for real success both personally and professionally, to businesses who want to create a new paradigm for examining their true bottom line in terms of worker satisfaction, and to boomers and seniors who want to get rid of the old cliches about retirement and live an exciting and fulfilling life. Joan’s dynamic, humorous, and physical keynote presentations highlight five simple but effective tools to achieve success and reach the highest level of human potential.


Joan Moran is known in the Los Angeles area as an inspirational and motivational speaker who attracks a widly diversified audience. She has a rich sense of humor tinged with irony and mixed with perception.

Joan begins every speech by standing on her head (see her website - link below) and she takes off from there with energy and awesome content that entertains and inspires audiences. Joan reaches out to groups who want to live abundant lives how to use five simple but effective tools to empower individuals and achieve success.

She shares her passion for exploring new and different ways to realize dreams and manifests abilities, which leads to greatter happiness and well-being. The way to achieve personal and professional success for women, for business leaders and their employees who want to create harmonious and productive environments, and for seniors and boomers who are looking to reach a fulfilling life is by implementing five simple but effective tools that gets audiences thinking pro-activity about living creativity, opens minds up to new and different ideas, and inspires innovation (Steve Jobs: stay hungry, stay foolish).

Joan’s focus begins with the concept of resistance – the most toxic force on the planet – and that trail leads to managing fears and ultimately following passions – the greatest source of joy, strength and inspiration in life.

Los Angeles
Sixty, Sex, Tango, Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer
1 1/2
Women, Boomers, Seniors, Business
45 - 50 minutes
Empowering the New Woman; Retirement Is Not An Option: Act 3; Think Outside the Bottom Line: I speak to groups that want to live abundant and passionate lives: To women who want to empower themselves, to boomers and seniors who want to live fulfilling lives, to businesse who want to think outside the bottom line and create a more creative and enriching environment.
1 hour
Reworking Retirement Options; Interdependence and women; How to play well with others in the sandbox: Think Creatively in the Workplace.
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