Take Action to Journey to a New Life

Guest Blog Post by Eleanor Ward 3/19/12

Take Action to Journey to a New LifeThere is nothing in life that is harder to do than take action. The old phrase talk is cheap is very true..The more you talk about something to everyone and anyone who will hear, is more than likely the only action you will ever take. While it would seem that talking about something or our goals would spur us to action, often times this is not the case. The more we talk about a goal, a dream or what we want for our lives the more the thought actually just goes out into thin air or into someone else’s head who will simply take action on a thought that we originally had. While this may seem hurtful there are better ways to spend life than being mad that you didn’t get your Slanket or whatever off the ground.

The best way to take action is to make and Action Plan. Here is my first bit of advice:

1. Sit down and figure out what exactly your ACTION plan will be. Do you simply want a new position at work, an entirely new career, go back to school, start your own business? Write down everything that you want to do… Then go over it be realistic and about what you can actually accomplish and what really interest you.

2. Cross off unrealistic items, rewrite the list at least three-five times you will come up with goals and things you really want to accomplish by doing this process of elimination.

3. Stop talking to people about your goals and plans. Unless they are directly related to being able to help you, simply chatting with friends about what you are going to do can lead to naysaying, negativity and lots of questions which may kill your enthusiasm and dreams.

4. Do speak with mentors, small business owners, entrepreneurs and local establishments like SCORE. These people are here to support your ideas, dreams and give you resources to help you.

5. Once you have made your list, you can then take the first step. Typically that is contacting the right people to help put your foot on the correct path for your new journey.

6. Pick a day to work towards your goals once a week. Then increase it to a couple days then find a way to do something daily towards that goal even if it is only 30 minutes a day, small steps get more accomplished then large steps. Taking small steps also helps keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

I know how hard it is to take action to get anything done we all live busy lives, but are they busy on the path we have designed for ourselves? Or is our life simply 8hours of busy work ,never taking time for anyone or anything that let us truly say we have taken ACTION to designing our own life?

Take ACTION to Journey to a new life will never be a simple path but wouldn’t you rather take that ACTION to take that journey to not only your life but yourself.

Eleanor Ward is a Certified Life Coach with her AlterUrEgo BlogTalkRadio show, she also offers teleclasses and webinars on her website. She is available for Motivational Speeches, Keynotes, and Customized Coaching Workshops throughout the U.S.


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