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Anti-Aging Speaker Hans KuglerDr. Hans J. Kugler, president of the International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, is an expert in anti-aging and longevity research, with several books to his name; the latest one is an e-book “Dr. Kugler’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Factor. Applied anti-aging in action; longer, stronger, shapelier, sexier, brainier.” A frequent presenter at anti-aging medical meetings, Dr. Kugler recently made medical history with his own successful heart recovery protocol and his stem cell research, presented and published at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Congress in Las Vegas, December 09. For more details, click on the book title on Kugler’s website (link below).


Dr. Hans Kugler has always been on the cutting edge of science; he is president and founder of HK Stem Cell Research, making your person-specific stem cells.

Dr. Kugler practices what he preaches.

Dr Kugler's Anti Aging Secrets

2001 Demonstration Project.

In some advertising you nay have seen “Before” and “After” pictures of a 72-year old doctor who now proudly shows off his physique, with a body like a 30-year old. Well done! Dr. Hans Kugler demonstrated a similar success 10 years ago. Chapter 8, “Advanced physical activity and body-shaping,” shows you how to do it!


“In the burgeoning field of anti-aging medicine, Dr. Kugler has been on the cutting edge. He speaks authoritatively on good health practices and how to add years to the average person’s life and well being. Whenever organizations rate their speakers, Dr. Kugler rates above the 7th percentile. I have been involved in many aspects of the new age of medicine. For about four decades, I have been president of several key organizations and in the midst of the battle for health freedom. I can say with my broad base of experience that Dr. Kugler is one of the leading lights in the field.” Murray Susser, MD

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Dr. Kugler’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Factor. Applied anti-aging in action; longer, stronger, shapelier, sexier, brainier
Anti-aging and health freedom education
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Anti-aging from the ground up; from telomeres to detoxing and stem cells: Applied “how to” anti-aging in action; from super fitness to better sex.
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Achieving optimum health and anti-aging
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