Motivational Speaker Eve Ash

Motivational Speaker Eve AshEve Ash, motivational psychologist and co-author of Rewrite Your Life! And Rewrite Your Relationships! (Penguin), has created 500 business videos and won 150 international awards. She delivers entertaining keynotes and workshops in USA and Australia. Audiences are always impressed by Eve’s fun, interactive yet practical psychological approach to behavior and the way to create positive changes.


Eve Ash is one of the most knowledgeable and engaging speakers with case studies and examples to back up her strategies and ideas. She is one of the world’s most prolific producers of training videos for the corporate and educational markets. Her latest work is a series of comedy business videos – CUTTING EDGE COMMUNICATION, which are being released in 2012 with great impact.

Eve likes to use humor to get points across and has been acknowledged as a fun presenter with a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies to change behavior and make a difference to the culture. Eve’s video case studies are hilarious and help crack the code for disappointing or mediocre behaviors at work and build a platform for fun, innovation and growth. For tough times Eve is able to help people re-discover their strengths, resilience and forward thinking strategies.

Eve’s presentations and workshops are always interactive and stimulating, with useful take aways that people appreciate and remember. Eve works with all levels of audiences from CEOs and Board members, as well as shop floor assistants and those whose first language is not English. Eve has been a director on two public boards and has worked with over 1000 companies speaking at major events, conferences and seminars across the globe. At times Eve is invited to be the MC as well as doing a keynote, or workshop or all 3 and she is easily able to come up with exciting content for emergencies and as an additional stand in at short notice.

Eve trained as a psychologist and branched into organizational development and the study of human behavior at work. Eve worked as a government trainer before creating her own business over 30 years ago – Seven Dimensions ( - which provides training resources to businesses throughout the world. Eve has designed and co-created over forty 360 degree assessment tools, which have been translated into 15 languages, and her self-help books published by Penguin have been very successful.

Eve has financed and created over 500 videos on a broad range of topics topics including leadership, teams, motivation, service, innovation, conflict management, presentations, core communication skills and health topics like stress, sexual health, bullying, hygiene, MS, Cancer, Aging, and teenage issues. Her videos are streamed and sold as DVDs to thousands of businesses and educational institutions internationally. Eve has recently won 10 awards for an animation series for children teaching them their rights and how to stand up for themselves.

Eve has been awarded a Businesswoman of the Year Award in Australia and has received over 500 awards for creativity and excellence for her work. She is in the 2000 Australian Businesswomens’ Hall of Fame.

Melbourne, Australia (75%) and Sherma Oaks, CA (25%)
Australia and USA
Rewrite Your Life! Rewrite Your Relationships!
Managers and staff of companies, educators and government employees.
50 minutes
How to Create a Winning Mindset in Work and Life: Eve Ash likes to have fun with the audience whilst creating an atmosphere for self-reflection and leadership insghts. Eve will lead the audience through everyone’s personal sabotage Land of W – wishing, whining and wasting time, and helps creates the optimism pathway for confidence, resilience and persistence – all needed to succeed in tough times. Eve’s ‘MAGIC BOX’ strategy for a successful mindset unearths childhood thinking patterns that impact our actions as leaders and team members. Audiences gain practical insights and feel inspired to achive goals. A powerful opener to any conference.
Workshops are tailored to suit clients’ needs eg: 3 hour workshops ; 1 day workshops; 2 day workshops
1) Inspirational Leadership – Practical Skills for Managers : This popular interactive program inspires managers and supervisors; 2) Captivating and Inspiring your Audience: A seminar to improve presentation skills and develop style; 3) Handling Difficult People: A program to provide hands on skills for those who face difficult staff or clients; 4) Coaching and Motivating for Better Performance: An interactive program for senior managers with case studies to build and develop skills and strategies to get best performance; 5) Influencing and Meeting Skills: For senior managers; 6) Behavioral Interviewing: A program for managers to build and develop behavioral interviewing skills. Please visit Eve's Website for more information on each workshop.
Managing and motivating staff; Time saving tips
1 hour
Happy to travel in Australia, USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, Sth Africa.
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