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Anti-Aging Speaker Hans Kugler

Anti-Aging Speaker Hans KuglerDr. Hans J. Kugler, president of the International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, is an expert in anti-aging and longevity research, with several books to his name; the latest one is an e-book “Dr. Kugler’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Factor. Applied anti-aging in action; longer, stronger, shapelier, sexier, brainier.” A frequent presenter at anti-aging medical meetings, Dr. Kugler recently made medical history with his own successful heart recovery protocol and his stem cell research, presented and published at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Congress in Las Vegas, December 09. For more details, click on the book title on Kugler’s website (link below).

Green/Environmental Marketing Speaker Shel Horowitz

Green/Environmental Marketing Speaker Shel HorowitzGreen/environmental marketing expert Shel Horowitz, multiple-award-winning author of 8 books including Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, shows how ethics and green principles are keys to business success. Shel’s lively programs help businesses from top corporations to solopreneurs go green effectively and affordably, and then market that green commitment. Based in Hadley, Massachusetts, Shel travels to US speeches from Hartford, and to international events from New York or Boston.

Inspirational Speaker Doc Hendley

Inspirational Speaker Doc HendleyDoc Hendley is from Boone, North Carolina, and the author of the book Wine to Water: A Bartenders Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World (Avery:Penguin). He is founder and president of the inspirational organization, Wine to Water, and is available for keynotes throughout the U.S. Doc’s message is uplifting and exciting, and he is proof that anyone, even a tattooed keg-tapper, can cure what ails the world.

Environmental Speaker Diane Gray

Environmental Speaker Diane GrayDiane Gray is a compelling speaker specializing in talks on the environment and sustainability for businesses; education and the continuing need for arts education; business development for women; and motivating teams to reach greater outcomes. Her portfolio includes speaking over the past 25 years to business, government, higher education, women’s and arts groups large and small. She is an entrepreneur, coach and community leader who knows how to connect across diverse fields and sectors.