Attitude Speaker Paul Martin

Attitude Speaker Paul MartinPaul Martin is the author of One Man’s Leg: A Memoir, as well as Drinking From My Leg: Lessons From A Blistered Optimist. A 1992 car accident claimed his left leg below the knee and he used this obstacle as a launching pad for a career in athletics, setting records in Ironman triathlon and winning Paralympic cycling medals. Paul is available anywhere in the world to deliver his keynotes known for pure authenticity that will spark laughter, tears and the discovery that all of one’s previous excuses no longer hold up!

Profile Paul Martin’s bottomless optimism has been sought by Fortune 500 companies, national associations and colleges across the country. His ability to enlighten the audience to see the beauty in their struggles, both everyday and longterm, goes unmatched. Paul drives home the power of attitude, of choosing to view our obstacles as opportunities, while fomenting bust-a-gut laughter and reach-for-tissue tears. The real-life experiences he shares—from foster home to amputation to Paralympic medals to an Ironman triathlon world record—will motivate and inspire any demographic. Whether you need a 30-minute or 60-minute keynote, Paul will deliver the energy your organization is looking for.

1) One Man’s Leg and 2) Drinking From My Leg
Sales, Associations, Women, Management
30-60 min
Attitude Over Adversity: The ability to overcome adversity stems from dedication, commitment, work ethic, passion, and above all, attitude. Whether the struggles are expected or not, obstacles will come between you and your goal. When you climb the mountain you are ultimately more fit to climb the next one while also having a better view of the surroundings. With this new viewpoint the work becomes less intimidating and more manageable.
100 Mile Radius or more
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