Personal Growth Speaker Eleanor Ward

Personal Growth Speaker Eleanor WardEleanor Ward is a Certified Life Coach with her AlterUrEgo BlogTalkRadio show, she also offers teleclasses and webinars on her website as well as working on her first book. She is available for Motivational Speeches, Keynotes, and Customized Coaching Workshops throughout the U.S. Eleanor is known for her TAKE ACTION lectures, she tells you not only how to be motivated but what steps to take to make your goals a reality.


Eleanor Ward is an accomplished speaker, instructor and trainer. She has taught various Medical and Psychology classes at colleges around the country as well as being a wellness speaker for healthcare organizations and a speaker for MOCSA Survivors. Eleanor offers speaking on Health &Wellness, Personal Growth, Relationships, Rape Survival and various Life Coaching elements.

Eleanor’s Mission is to deliver the tools that people and/or organizations need to make those changes in order to be successful in life and in business. Eleanor delivers positivity, humor, realism, enthusiasm, eagerness, and an itching feeling that makes you want to TAKE ACTION to change your life immediately.

When she speaks all you can do is wonder Hmmm, "Why didn’t take those actions in my life before"? Every presentation is based on her TAKE ACTION coaching process and can be customized for any group.

Eleanor keeps her audiences riveted whether it be a group of 5 or 500, 10 minutes, an hour or even a two day workshop. Eleanor will not only make you want to TAKE ACTION in your life,you will be stirred to do so immediately.

Kansas City
1 year
everyday working people, small corporations, womens groups, ladies leagues, male upliftment groups, chamber of commerce, networking groups
Take Action!

TAKE ACTION COACHING is an inclusive seminar that allows you to dig deep within yourself and look at goal setting and take the steps to action to reach said goals. TAKE ACTION seems simple enough but so many people in the world have no idea how to take action to reach their goals and see results from those actions. This keynote topic will allow you to leave and TAKE ACTION!

Workshops can be 2-4 hours or spread out over two days 3.5 hours per day.
TAKE ACTION Coaching; Detaching yourself from a Toxic Relationship; Finding your True Path; Forging Ahead in a Sea of Negativity; How Saying No Can Lead to a Life of YES
Financial Coaching; Stuck State; Action Coaching
10-15 minutes
100 Mile Radius or more
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