Attitude Speaker Tweed Scott

Attitude Speaker Tweed ScottTweed Scott, a retired broadcaster and inspirational speaker from Houston, TX, is the author of the 3-time national award-winning book, Texas in Her Own Words. He is available for keynotes and workshops targeting Attitude, Embracing Change emphasizing the values leading to a more productive corporate culture and a better life. Attitude is at the source of every success and his upbeat presentations packed with humor and common sense drills that point home.


Tweed Scott is a laugh out loud corporate and public entertainer. He says, “Attitude is at the root of all success and failure. It all begins with attitude. Attitude is a choice. You control it and furthermore you can adjust your attitude in a heartbeat.” He is positive, upbeat and focused on creating practical strategies leading to both personal and professional success. He exudes that positive ‘Can Do’ attitude and he believes you can too.

Tweed's 3-time national award-winning book, Texas in Her Own Words explains why Texans have this ‘Can Do’ attitude and how they have become HOW thinkers; not IF thinkers. These are viable and valuable concepts for everyone to utilize no matter where you live and he will tell you how you too can adopt this mindset. Success begins with attitude. His widely varied audiences include Chambers of Commerce, governmental agencies, corporations, schools and Texas oriented companies and organizations looking for positive results driven presentations.

Texas in Her Own Words
Chambers of Commerce, Government Agencies, Corporate Clients, Texas public & private clients
45-60 minutes
No is NOT An Option: Attitude is at the root of all success. Accepting the concept of ‘NO’ is simply not an option to success. It’s about becoming a HOW thinker, not an IF thinker.
One hour to 90 minutes
All Stressed Up and No Place to Go: Stress is a part of everyday life. How you deal with it makes all the difference. I offer some strategies that help you have stress work for you rather than against you. Everybody Wants Improvement. Nobody Wants Change: Change is inevitable. I offer strategies make it work for you.
Anywhere in the U.S.
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