Inspirational Speaker Karen Anderson

Inspirational Speaker Karen AndersonKaren Anderson is the author of Not On Your Life~Classical Pianist Turns Tragedy Into Triumph; and The Little Book of BIG Thoughts. She is available for keynote speaking, workshops, and seminars to encourage others to take simple, successful strides to achieve their full potential. She did it, and she can show YOU how to do it too.

Profile Karen speaks with compassion for her audience and uses insightful humor to keep them engaged. Karen speaks from her heart. She knows her topic because she has LIVED it. She went from a vibrant young woman, teaching piano and taking care of her family, to being an invalid; dependent on narcotic pain killers and with no hope of recovery…but she did! Karen WILL inspire your group. However, she isn't going to put a ladder down the well to help them out of the pit. Rather, she will give them the tools to BUILD that ladder, one rung at a time. Karen tailors her presentations to each group. Karen's steps allow each person to customize those steps on that ladder so that when they have reached the top and are out of the pit, it's not any work to stay free from life’s traps. In fact, if they find themselves slipping back, they will hear Karen's voice say "Don't you dare! If I can do you it, YOU can do it."

Fair Oaks (near Sacramento)
Not On Your Life; The Little Book of BIG Thoughts; and Draw Unto Strength (Attitude Album)
Speaking at the service clubs and my own events off and on for 6 years. I have a local weekly TV show that we are in our 3rd year. My show is called “Move Your Mountains” on Access Sacramento and can be seen every Tuesday night at 8:30 p.m. either on local channel 18 or online at
My target audience are woman, 45 to 60 with either no children or older children. She wants to be a part of the process—knowledge seeker – researcher independent thinker. Money is not an issue when value is established. She is blunt and forthright. Willing to have a relationship with God and follow His teaching. Not afraid to take the “obstacles” and make it a step in her emotional and spiritual maturity—is willing to accept support in her journey. She is a professional, creative women searching for her spirituality with God and His direction for her life.
45 to 60 minutes
Soar on Eagles Wings ~ A True Story of Faith, Hope, & Never Giving Up This presentation is a story of that life-gripping fear that could have trapped even the strongest person. Come with Karen on this journey of empowerment that will challenge you to persevere regardless of the circumstances. Enjoy the freedom to soar like eagles: * Rise above your circumstances; * Keep paddling against the current and stay on course; * Keep your eye on the rock (God); * Nothing is impossible because the word itself says, “I’m possible”
1 to 2 hours
Karen will custom design workshops and webinars on any of the following topics: What issues do you face on a daily basis? Are you fighting with Negative Nellie All Day Long? Do you need a 36 hour day? Do you put off more than you put on? Are you the world’s champion worrywart? Are you at the end of your rope without a knot to hang on to? Are you the invisible woman? Got the 9 to 5 blues? Does your day go by like in a fog? Are you ready to explode? Are you riding the emotional rollercoaster? Do you see yourself down in the dumps with no way out? Where do you turn to for strength and help?
see workshop descriptions above
60 to 90 minutes
If the gig is non-paid then within the state of California. If travel fees are included, will travel anywhere, including Canada, Alaska, even overseas, and cruises. Where ever the need is I will be there.
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