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Photo of Bob Littell Business Networking SpeakerBob Littell, based in Atlanta and creator of the “NetWeaving” concept has written three books on the subject which is best characterized as a Golden Rule and Pay It Forward form of networking.

His 2nd book, “The Heart and Art of NetWeaving” is printed by Xerox so all proceeds go to charity. NetWeaving is consistent with other cultures around the world and has become a global phenomenon, as you can see if you ‘Google’ the word.

Bob explains why in the long-run, and often much sooner, your NetWeaving efforts and activities will always outperform those of more traditional and more self-centered networking.

People consistently comment what they like best about his talks is how they come away having learned specific skill sets and action steps which they can immediately apply to their business and personal lives.

Profile Bob Littell teaches a unique strategic approach for establishing and nurturing “trusted relationships”. His talks, along with highly interactive workshops,appeal to a wide range of audiences, from top sales producers, to more analytical hi-tech professionals. He has repeated severalyears on Leadership programs and to networking groups, as well keynotes to organizations such as SHRM, and other home office organizations and companies, especially in the areas of ‘diversity’ and ways for women leaders to accelerate their careers. With audiences ranging from a dozen or so high-level executives at Board Retreats, to hundreds or even more than a thousand, Bob engages his audiences in exercises which help them appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the NetWeaving approach.

“Power NetWeaving” – co-author Donna Fisher, “The Heart and Art of NetWeaving”, “Raising Your R&R Factor – How Referable and Recommendable Are You?”
12 years
Wide variety – sales & marketing, networking organizations, companies promoting diversity, leadership groups (especially high-level women leadership groups), non-profits (especially high level Board Retreats), technology groups (looking for a more comfortable form of networking more consistent with their highly analytical personalities), economic development within cities, counties, and regions.
Multi-Level Marketing Groups and some networking groups. High-pressure sales organizations who primarily sell through motivational selling.
Keynotes typically range from 30 - 60 minutes but 60 minute and occasionally 90 minute talks usually include a 15 minute interactive group exercise.
“NetWeaving – Building Your Business (Practice) While Helping Others Build Theirs”. . .”NetWeaving – The Fastest Way to Build Trusted Relationships”. . . “NetWeaving – EARNING Referrals Rather Than Asking For Them”. . . “NetWeaving – For Those in Sales Who Dislike Networking”. . . “NetWeaving – A Golden Rule and Pay It Forward Form of Networking”. . .”NetWeaving – A Way for Non-Profits to Get High Level Board Members and supporters to ASK for money from Friends”.
Workshops typically are 1 hour in length and ideally are scheduled later in the morning following Bob’s keynote talk on NetWeaving in the 10-11:00 time slot, with a workshop right before lunch. That way, during the meal, the attendees can be encouraged to put into practice what they have learned during the workshop. Attendees are urged NOT to sit with anyone they know and to use some of the ‘interesting’ questions given them in the workshop to ‘inspire meaningful dialogue’.
- Learning how to be the one (even as an introvert) to move a conversation from ‘small talk’ to “Inspire Meaningful Dialogue” and while so doing, enhance your own reputation. - How to set up NetWeaving meetings – both one-on-one as well as NetWeaving ‘hosting’ meetings – introducing two persons to each other – both ‘virtually’ where you aren’t even present at the meeting, or ‘in-person’ where you are there to act as the host (most powerful). We also cover how to increase the chances that your “NetWeaving” will come back around to benefit you as well. - A SECOND workshop right before the cocktail hour can be effective when the tongues of the introverts tend to be a little looser with the help of some liquid courage. In this workshop, there’s more emphasis put on actually introducing someone they know to someone else who is attending the meeting.
Webinar topics are the same as shown above and are modified depending upon the target audience
30 – 45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions at the end.
100 Mile Radius or more
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