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During Ron Wolf’s nearly four decades in the hospitality industry, he spent 17 years as the Sr. training officer for one of America’s top hotel companies, and a multi-brand restaurant franchisor. Ron is founder of both the Georgia Restaurant Association, and the Georgia Licensed Beverage Association. He is available for keynotes training workshops throughout the U.S, and is an instructor at The Art institute of Atlanta.


Ron Wolf’s distinguished career in hospitality spans nearly four decades. He has served in a variety of hospitality management positions, including Corporate Director of Food and Beverage Training for Holiday Inn Worldwide; Director of Franchise Training for Bass Hotels; and, Director of Training and Management Development for Atlanta-based AFC Enterprises. Wolf is also the co-founder of the Georgia Restaurant Council (GRC), an association representing more than 3500 members across Georgia. While at the GRC, Wolf, and his team of lobbyists, was responsible for the passage of several key pieces of legislation favorable to Georgia’s food service industry. Wolf is currently a partner in the consulting group R.O.S.E. (Restaurant Operations Service Experts) ( Wolf is also the founder and current President of the Georgia Licensed Beverage Association (, which provides Georgia’s bars, taverns, clubs, and other on-premise alcohol beverage licensees representation at the local, state and federal level.

Throughout Wolf’s career, he has established himself as an industry leader and subject matter authority for the hospitality industry. A dynamic and informative public speaker, Wolf has addressed both industry and government audiences for more than 20 years, authoring numerous, successful and sought after training programs, from Customer Service to Leadership Development. His programs and consulting services have been used to train thousands of managers throughout the hospitality industry worldwide. In addition, Wolf is an adjunct instructor at The Art Institute of Atlanta, teaching courses on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Ethics & Legal Issues for Culinarians. Wolf is also writes a monthly blog for the industry website, The Schechter Report (

Hospitality professionals, training professionals; students
20 – 30 minutes
Performance Management in a Multi-generational Workplace
90 min. to 3 hrs.
Performance Management in a Multi-generational Workplace; Where has all the Service Gone?; Innovation & Entrepreneurship;
100 Mile Radius or more
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