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Presentation Skills Speaker Ernest Chen

Presentation Skills Speaker Ernest ChenErnest Chen is the author of one of Singapore’s public speaking bestsellers- Earnestly Speaking and a highly sought after presentation skill speaker from Singapore. He conducts various public speaking courses that help individuals overcome their public speaking fears, become a more effective Master of Ceremonies and in writing engaging and entertaining speeches throughout Asia. Ernest is also well-known for his dynamic public speaking coaching programs that constantly pushes its participants out of their comfort zone in order to help them realize their full potential in public speaking.


Olympic Motivational Keynote Speaker Devon Harris

Olympic Motivational Speaker Devon HarrisDevon Harris is the author of the motivational children’s book, Yes, I Can! And the semi-autobiographical motivational book, Keep On Pushing: Hot Lessons From Cool Runnings. He is available for keynote presentations and interactive workshops for up to a full day throughout the US as well as internationally. Devon teaches people how to KEEP ON PUSHING in order to overcome the inevitable obstacles and live their best life.

Business Training Speaker Brownell Landrum

Business Training Speaker Brownell LandrumBrownell Landrum is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and Innovator, the creator and founder of the DrawSuccess Program, a patented process to accelerate results. She is also an author of two books, including the upcoming book, “Patience is a Waste of Time.”

In Latin “to educate” means to “draw out.” Are you drawing out the best from your group or organization? In this highly interactive (and fun!) mini-workshop, participants will go through a process that allows them to come up with ideas and solutions for improving organizational effectiveness in a wide variety of subject areas, including Sales Success, Diversity & Inclusion, Team Effectiveness, Efficiency & Accomplishment, Communication, Accountability, Innovation and more.

Inspirational Speaker Jin Robertson

Inspirational Speaker Jin RobertsonDr. Jin Robertson, author of Major Dream: From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard PhD, is available for keynotes throughout the world. She is known for inspiring and motivating her audience to live the best way they can while helping others, regardless of their background.

Motivational Speaker Cheewa James

Motivational Speaker Cheewa JamesCHEEWA JAMES, motivational keynote speaker and fast-paced trainer, is unique, full of humor, and distinctive in style, often pulling on her American Indian heritage to make a point—with the value and understanding of multi-culturalism and diversity very subtly coming across. The Sacramento speaker travels the United States and Canada with her unforgettable and mesmerizing messages on the power of role modeling and on the ability people have to change lives and work habits—creating balance, personal contentment, and greater workplace productivity. Her award winning books MODOC: The Tribe That Wouldn’t Die and Catch the Whisper of the Wind bring her master storytelling skills to life on the platform and fascinate people reading the books’ pages.

Business Networking Speaker Bob Littell

Photo of Bob Littell Business Networking SpeakerBob Littell, based in Atlanta and creator of the “NetWeaving” concept has written three books on the subject which is best characterized as a Golden Rule and Pay It Forward form of networking.

His 2nd book, “The Heart and Art of NetWeaving” is printed by Xerox so all proceeds go to charity. NetWeaving is consistent with other cultures around the world and has become a global phenomenon, as you can see if you ‘Google’ the word.

Bob explains why in the long-run, and often much sooner, your NetWeaving efforts and activities will always outperform those of more traditional and more self-centered networking.